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Red and green.

Red and green.

I stepped into the hall and it looked just like from the pictures that accompanied the articles concerning the latest opening in town. The hall was abuzz with excited chatters, and thankfully no squealing kids. I plunked myself into my seat as my friend settled into one next to mine. I turned and surveyed the hall, and its many now eager occupants, for we hardly know what to expect.

And then I saw him.

Or at least I thought that it was him.

He was seated about six chairs away to my left; in fact, we were at the same row. I think a few seconds must have passed before I realized I was staring at him, and it was almost a challenge to wait for a hint of recognition in his eyes as his gaze fell onto me – a silent communication of sorts, just like the one we had had back in high school. I turned away at the last minute, pretending to soak in the excitement as my mind whirled, reminiscing those distant days.

I sighed and donned the glasses, attempting to make myself comfortable enough to enjoy the movie in this supposedly whole new experience that I had been waiting for. It was not a disappointment. I liked it best when the snow seemed to blow towards me. Unfortunately, I failed to detect anyone reaching out with their arms wildly, trying to catch hold of ‘the falling snow’. Also, the thorough and comprehensive details displayed in the characters and various items shined throughout the movie. I know how painstaking it could be, trying to achieve that level of clarity and detail in the course of 3D modeling.

The Polar Express: An Imax 3D Experience is simply magical. And the darned music that accompanied certain somewhat poignant scenes… it brought me close to tears a couple of times (yeah, I am such a sucker). Santa’s elves, however, are just not my type of elves.

As the credits rolled, a lot of people were not sure if it was time to leave (the lights were still off). I looked about; many were still stuck to their seats, while some seemed to be heading to the exit… somewhere. I dared myself to steal another glance at him – and he turned my way. Did I detect some sort of recognition or…?

I quickly walked away.

All in all, it was a great experience – one I wished would not end so quickly, as opposed to The Incredibles, which had me glancing at my watch too many times, growing increasingly bored when the superheroes were ‘caught’ by Syndrome for the third time (I do not quite agree with the ‘incredible’ reviews for Pixar’s latest).

Can you imagine how The Brawls would be like?


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