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Once upon a time, there are three vehicles with the names Issy, Cambre and Novaa.

Issy is a small hatchback car, driven by an owner who likes to do something worthwhile while waiting for the lights to turn green – such as reading the newspapers or putting on make-up. The smallest among the three, Issy could easily meld into one with the tarred (and sometimes pothole-ridden) roads in the country due to her dull grey colour.

Cambre is a so-called four-wheel drive that functions on an automatic gear transmission – which no doubt pleases her owner, who loves to keep things as hassle-free as possible. As much as Cambre yearns to see more of the world, her owner, sadly, does not seem to go anywhere else except to this boring place called work.

Then there is Novaa, the shiny silver MPV. Naturally, he is the biggest in size among the three – an advantage he uses to the fullest. Big means bold, after all. He also has got all the signature traits of his owner, including the ability to intimidate others into submission.

One cloudy morning, Issy’s owner – as usual – decides to make use of her time by drawing up her grocery shopping list at a traffic light stop. She reaches for her organiser and begins thinking of ideas for Saturday’s lunch.

Soon enough, the lights go green again, of course. The line of cars in front of Issy begins to move, and Issy itches to go – but finds, to her horror, that her owner seems to have dozed off.

Cambre’s owner also notices the line of cars moving away and wonders when this particular grey hatchback car in front of her will make a move. She decides to count softly to five before using the horn.

“One… two…”

Now, Novaa, who is at the back of Cambre, senses the impatience of his owner. “Bloody hell,” his owner curses, and reaches for the horn immediately.

Honk honk honk honk HONKKKKKKKK!”

Issy’s owner jolts upright, alarmed. She quickly waves apologetically to Cambre, thinking the driver of the four-wheel drive behind her had sounded the horn in such a desperate manner. “Some people just cannot wait,” Issy’s owner mutters in disapproval.

Cambre slides into motion, too, but notices the shiny silver MPV behind her switching over to the next lane, passing her. Novaa’s owner turns round and gives Cambre’s owner a cold, piercing glare that says it all: Make a move, girl! Pay attention to the road! Stop holding up traffic!

It made Cambre’s owner feel sick to the stomach. “I was falsely accused! Damn it!” she yells to no one in particular, but only Cambre can hear her.

The three vehicles then go separate ways, each arriving at their respective destinations about ten seconds late.

What a way to start a Friday.

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  1. which is why everyone should know how to make faces and gestures of their own.

    soporific | 16/08/06 12:18 PM

  2. Soporific – Ah, but knowing and actually doing it will be a different thing altogether…

    Strizzt | 16/08/06 07:58 PM

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