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Time is just a melody.

It happens every now and then.

The same songs loop in my head endlessly, making me feel like I could do a pirouette on the air, or unexpectedly burst into song at any moment.

I think I am one of those people who can pretend to have earphones plugged into their ears, listening to music that plays only in their minds, while walking down imaginary long white corridors, where there is only one source of light and not another soul to be found.

It makes you feel and register the urgency; euphoria; darkness; fairytale-ness; hopelessness; authenticity; and beauty, of it all.

You mix them all together and get one bucketful of emotions that needs letting out, before it drowns you from within.

It also makes you go, damn, I wished I wrote this song first – so that I would not get tired of playing my own song.

Sigh. I do not ever want this to end. Because by then, I will have to go back to being this empty shell in me – where I do as I am told, and continue with my sorry attempts to live up to everyone’s expectations.


Heard recently:

“I want to win the latest CD from Kian-nee!”


And that was not even the first time I have heard the band being referred to as such.

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  1. I love Kian-nee’s lead guitarist! squeals
    Bungcork, here I cometh!!

    Wong | 27/07/06 10:45 AM

  2. Wong – Bah… but you already knew that they don’t have a guitarist. :P

    Strizzt | 27/07/06 09:15 PM

  3. i think there’s a perfect song for every moment.

    Problem is, i can’t get more of those songs since the idiots from IT blocked limewire. Chis.

    tim | 28/07/06 11:28 AM

  4. Tim – Heh. My workplace used to block any websites that has the word ‘job’ or ‘work’ in its title or URL.

    Strizzt | 28/07/06 08:23 PM

  5. I think you must have excellent music taste (Savage Garden) and hearing. I also think you probably play a musical instrument. I myself play the violin… Dr. Watson doesn’t complain…

    Sherlock | 28/07/06 08:42 PM

  6. Sherlock – Eh, Savage Garden was good, you know. Ahem. In any case, I think six out of ten people out there do play some sort of a musical instrument. :D

    Strizzt | 28/07/06 11:39 PM

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