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Put the blinds down low.

“How old are you?”

“How old do you think I am?”

One is married with three kids; the other, I think, is probably older than me by three years or so.

Both expressed skepticism and disbelief when I finally tell them the all-important number. I suspect that I probably would also have received the same response if I suddenly sprouted feathery wings from my back.

Not for the first time, I do not understand why the incredulousness.

“You’re 23?!”

I wonder if that was a compliment of the subtlest kind.

“What, do I look like I am 28?”

They stammered some reply, but I think my mind had gone numb somewhat and was not very receptive then; I could not remember what was being said.

Then again, that was because I was embarassed at being put under scrutiny even for a brief moment, and proceeded to quickly change the subject.

I have always believed that age is nothing but a number. But after one too many happenings such as these, I am not so sure anymore.

Now, looking older for your age is different than looking more mature for your age.

Can we ever look or behave like our age? What differentiates a 24 from a 27?

But if that were possible, we might as well be walking about with those tell-all numbers plastered to our heads.

I hope there will not come a time when I would cringe should someone correctly guesses my age – at 35.

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  1. You have feathery wings on your back?? gasp

    Wong | 24/07/06 10:37 AM

  2. acting like a kid every now and then keeps me sane, so i think i’ll keep that up, even when i’m erm 65.

    although being alive for so long does scare me sometimes. :p

    tim | 24/07/06 02:12 PM

  3. Wong – What do you think leh?

    Tim – Yeah, in a way it scares me a little too sometimes. I look back and go, yikes, almost a quarter of a century gone – and I can’t even remember much of my early years already. Imagine what it'd do for people very much older...

    Strizzt | 24/07/06 08:09 PM

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