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So. This is how a rock concert is suppose to be like.

Lights. Energy. And Really Loud. I swear, my eardrums seem to be sore still, having worked overtime since that particular day. In fact, it has been almost one week now, and I choose to pin the blame on that horrible pseudo techno/electronica/rap music (which I do not ever want to know the artiste to) blaring from the speakers, while we were made to wait for about an hour(!!) for the concert to begin. There were false alarms as people started shouting everytime a few unsuspecting technicians (nah, they probably would have gotten used to it by now) treaded onstage to check the equipment, and minor drama as a lighting technician had trouble assuming his position metres above the stage when he seemed to fail to get a decent foothold.

As such, and understandably so, when lights in the Singapore Indoor Stadium went out and numbers to the countdown flashed across the screen to opening song Square One, coupled with drummer Will Champion’s unrelenting power over his drumsets (which, I think, was made all the more intense on next song Politik), the crowd simply erupted (“If this is how you guys are like on a Monday, I can’t imagine how it would be like on a Saturday!”) – frantic screams and shrill whistles pierced the air, the adrenaline rush now complete with tentative sing-a-longs as everyone started moving to the music, while phones and cameras were also swiftly whipped out to record the one moment that started it all.

After all, the band is Coldplay.

God put a smile upon youryouryouryour face…

Frontman Chris Martin was – as already demonstrated everywhere else – a great bundle of energy. He would lead the crowd into every song and have them lap it all up, eating away eagerly from his hands. While there was not really much quirky banter (aside from “This is a song about waiting for a long time for your favourite band to come – the Backstreet Boys!” before launching into Til Kingdom Come) and interaction between the band and the audience (“We’ve been on tour for over a year-and-a-half, and would have done enough rehearsals to perform for this night…”), one could still feel that they were very much connected to the band that night. Chris pricked the big yellow balloons that were let out during Yellow and let the gold glitter wash over him; leaped about the stage and swung his arms vigorously as if to throw an imaginary hammer; sang while lying on the floor at the edge of the stage as the cameraman nonchalantly panned over to him; ran from one end of the stadium to the other (“It’d be a waste for us to come all the way here and not see the people at the back”).

When I was a young boyyyyyy…

Unfortunately, White Shadows was a tad bit disappointing (sigh). Surprisingly, another of the band’s biggests hits, which also garnered them a Grammy award, more than made up for it. Clocks was, quite simply, mind-blowingly awesome, as red laser lights played across the stage and painted various shapes at the back of the stadium. The energy, I think, was at its peak here, thanks to those piano keys.

There was also a so-called acoustic set as Chris and his other three band members – Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, and Will – came together to the front of the stage and played a few songs that included Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire (but I suppose everyone would have already known this by now).

Various shots, chronologically.

The whole concert went by in a blur – which was why I found it really odd when Chris started thanking the crowd for being in attendance that night. “Thank you very much for coming”, he said. I went, “Huh?” and stole a glance at my watch – to find that 75 minutes had gone past.

But of course, no shows are complete without an encore – and frankly, no one would have let the band go that easily if they did not perform two of their better-known hits like In My Place and the band’s The Scientist for the year – which was, of course, Fix You. Couples started holding hands and swaying gently, while—

(Yes, this badly-written review finished abruptly, for I took to leaving the stadium just before the final song finished – let me just say that if I see another taxi with the words “On Call” instead of “For Hire”, I will… I will… YARGHHHHHH.)

I still think the entry on Wikipedia pretty much sums everything up nicely. Setlist differs a little, but… nah, I will not lose sleep over it.

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  1. Good write-up!
    Yeah, I went “Huh?” at the “Thank you very much for coming” part too… hee :)

    carina | 17/07/06 12:42 AM

  2. Next destination: Bangkok! I hope and I fear!!

    Wong | 17/07/06 10:08 AM

  3. Carina – It went by real quick, didn’t it? So much so that I failed to record everything down in more detail. Wow.

    Wong – Haha, I wish!

    Strizzt | 17/07/06 09:09 PM

  4. 75 minutes? not bad what. cant remember how long franz ferdinand was before the encore came along. but the encore was quite long because it had one helluva medley.

    soporific | 18/07/06 10:45 AM

  5. Soporific – Nah, not bad… came up to about 90 minutes with the encore. That’s the standard duration, I think…

    Hmm… I guess if you can’t remember, that probably means you were too busy having fun to store those details into your head. ;)

    Strizzt | 18/07/06 09:01 PM

  6. i think the longest was queens of the stone age. played 1hr 45 minutes, and that was after TWO opening acts including the Futureheads. what a night!

    soporific | 19/07/06 09:54 AM

  7. Soporific – Wow… that’s almost as long as a standard movie. Not bad at all.

    Strizzt | 19/07/06 07:56 PM

  8. ya, it ended hella late. and then we walked back to our friend’s place, another half-hour or so thru dodgy sydney streets:)

    soporific | 22/07/06 10:56 AM

  9. Soporific – Dodgy Sydney streets might just be much safer than some of our KL roads. Adventure!

    Strizzt | 22/07/06 11:19 AM

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