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Inside wants out.

I have my ups and downs.

And all I keep thinking of at the moment is this:

“I want some ice cream.”

I wonder if I am now thinking in English because I want to have these useless thoughts written down, or if I really have been thinking in English all this while… although it makes me feel like I am reading these alien words off elsewhere.

Heck, I can see the words forming in my mind already… I think. White in colour, in squiggly, cloud-like handwriting, atop a clear blue background akin to the sky. Almost like the opening title sequence to an episode of The Simpsons.

“I still want some ice cream.”

Can I even actually think in another language? What about the unknown, the subconsciously-used think-speak? Do I usually use my mother tongue? Or in a language that we profess to know best? What if this is just some nonsensical computation happening within my head?

Ah, the wonders of the human mind.

A penny for your thoughts.

Think, think, think!

An autopsy was performed on [Albert] Einstein by Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey, who removed and preserved his brain. Harvey found nothing unusual with his brain, but in 1999 further analysis by a team at McMaster University revealed that his parietal operculum region was missing and, to compensate, his inferior parietal lobe was 15% wider than normal. The inferior parietal region is responsible for mathematical thought, visuospatial cognition, and imagery of movement. Einstein’s brain also contained 73% more glial cells than the average brain.1

So even he was not spared. Everyone wanted a piece of his brain.

And I feel like I do not even know mine well enough.

Oh, Lord, I could really do with a good bowl of ice cream right now…

1 Wikipedia: Portal: Thinking

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