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“Uhm… er…”

Two pairs of eyes blinked back at me, somewhat amused.

“I think you’re sitting at my seat,” I finally blurted, stating the obvious. “Where are your seats?”

I thought I might have assumed the position of the Evil Stranger just then. Their legs barely reached the floor, but they easily slid off the seats anyway, conversing in hushed tones in Mandarin. Realising that, I repeated my question in Mandarin. They ignored me, trotting off to settle down into chairs that were two rows behind me. It was then that I noticed that their parents were actually seated in the row behind mine, munching on popcorn, seemingly staring at the empty screen, oblivious. But in the semi-darkness of a cinema hall, for all I know they could be punching holes into my back with their laser eyes. I almost braced myself for an outburst.

“Leave my children alone! If you haven’t noticed, they’re just kids, so let them at it!”
“Oi, you bully. Children also cannot leave alone ah?”
(jabs finger onto chest, all the while straining to be heard amid the child’s horrific wails)

Fortunately, that did not happen, and I gladly took my favourite seat. Usually lone movie goers are assigned corner seats in the middle column. In the minutes before the show started, though, already I could detect a few people who seemed to be confused, walking in and out of the hall, but always stopping at a particular row of seats – I presumed that they were astonished to find other people in their seats.

Okay, so this irks me. There is a reason why seat numbers are printed on the ticket.

I went to watch some movies with my father previously. Upon entering the cinema, he would usually sit in a different seat, albeit in the same row.

“Dad! Not there!”

I would nag him, and he would eventually comply, taking his rightful seat next to mine.

Damn, this place is badly in need of an overhaul. It needs a bit of change. I have been at this for three years. But I still love this: Which D&D Character Are You?

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