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Bills. Signatures. Bills. Loans. Bills. Credit cards. Bills. Insurance. Bills. All signs of responsibilities and worries of a working adult.

My phone rang today. It was one of those phone conversations that made you feel like a grown-up.

“Hi, do you have time to talk?”

“What is this about? Er… you’d have to make this quick.” I squirmed uncomfortably at the thought of having to deal with this, and stole a quick glance at the clock. Nearly two in the afternoon. I think people usually have meetings at two… do they not? Yeah, most probably. That should be a good enough excuse, should the need for it arises…

And the thing about all this is, well, sometimes you inadvertently lead them down the wrong way. I listened patiently, but nothing stuck to my mind because there were simply too many figures to be remembered. Something about a few thousand; some policies; some third-party benefits. I hardly registered anything in my head. Besides, I was trying to gauge an appropriate time to interrupt her well-rehearsed speech… until:-

“Okay! Doyouwanttopayviacreditcardorbank-inor-”

“No, no, wait (!!!) – I’ll, er, think about it.” Alarm bells suddenly rang in my head. What the… I did not even agree to signing up nor putting down my money for the product. I was not even paying attention – how the heck did the conversation ever head down this direction?

“Oh,” came the dejected answer. “Perhaps you can reconsider…”

“I’ll let you know if I’m interested,” I said, attempting a note of finalisation to my voice.

She was quite persistent, but polite. Perhaps she could round up some customers soon.

I am just not used to getting ‘no’s, just like how I am not used to saying ‘no’s.

“Oooh, who was that?” teased a colleague.

“Someone was trying to sell me stuff,” I sighed.

“You should tell them something like, ‘Yeah, I want to get one for my penguin!’ I use that trick all the time – that’ll put them off, then they’ll hang up.”


You know, I would not want to be the person at the other end of the line.

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  1. oooh I know how that feels. Some telemarketer was selling me crates of wine and I had so much difficulty just bringing myself to say no to him until the very last minute when I had a poor excuse of saying I was suddenly not interested.

    In the end instead of saying I probably won’t be interested in parting with $100 bucks a month for 4 bottles a week I just agreed to let him call back in case I change my mind =/

    Keen | 08/07/06 01:07 AM

  2. Keen – You, turning down wine? Incredible. :P

    Ah, but you see, the “I’ll call you back later” part is the thing that brings their hopes back up again. In any case, I think those in the business have since learned to not take those words literally.

    Strizzt | 08/07/06 11:49 AM

  3. that’s about 17 bottles a month for rm100… not bad at all, even if it’s gonna be crap wines. although, who’d drink that much wine and want crap stuff…

    soporific | 08/07/06 04:27 PM

  4. It might just be AUS100 instead of RM100…?

    Soporific – Ah, but not all of us are wine connoisseurs; some of us probably cannot tell the difference between good and bad wine.

    Strizzt | 08/07/06 07:45 PM

  5. You are so considerate!

    Shomisu | 09/07/06 04:29 PM

  6. Indeed, AUD$100 for some wines. I remember something about each bottle costing somewhere around 5-10 if I had agreed. For a while I was thinking why not, I’ll have enough wine to have at least a bottle a night.

    Then reality set in and a bottle a night is like being a drunkard. And that spending 100 bucks on wine a month is absurd.

    Keen | 09/07/06 08:22 PM

  7. Shom – Nah, not considerate – but saying ‘no’ is kind of difficult sometimes…

    Keen – Ah, temptation, temptation. Now, if you were to convert everything into ringgit (oh well, that’s what everyone usually does when they’re overseas)...

    Strizzt | 09/07/06 08:41 PM

  8. I have a pet penguin… somewhere…

    Wong | 10/07/06 09:49 AM

  9. Wong – I don’t recall seeing it around here… But hey, you should get one of the Madagascar penguins. :D

    Strizzt | 11/07/06 09:37 PM

  10. keen – not so absurd if u really like wine. and it wont really make u a drunkard if u finish a bottle every two days. and that’s just you personally, not even counting a family.
    an average of 6 aud per bottle is very good and at the very least, decent, even if it’s bargain bin wines.
    i’m not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but i’ve spent nearly 70aud on a bottle of port.
    that was a bit mad, yes. but afterall, arent most champagnes more expensive than that?

    soporific | 12/07/06 11:00 AM

  11. AUS70! If it’s really good, then it’d be money well spent. :)

    Strizzt | 12/07/06 08:43 PM

  12. i’ve yet to find out;)

    soporific | 14/07/06 09:28 AM

  13. They probably make a lot of money off people who aren’t used to saying no. =)

    I think telemarketing is evil. Spam I can ignore or delete, but a human being on the other end of the telephone line is harder to get rid of.. so I usually sing them bawdy Hokkien songs.

    Kheldar | 20/07/06 04:21 AM

  14. Kheldar – Yeah, but telemarketers have got to make a living, too. :)

    Hokkien songs?! Yearggghhh.

    Strizzt | 21/07/06 08:34 PM

  15. Strizzt : Everyone’s gotta make a living, and there’s a 1001 less-invasive ways to do it.

    but don’t tell me you approve of this manner of grab-you-by-your-ears and talk-too-fast-for-you-to-think marketing?

    Asking the consumer to make a purchase decision in the span of a phone call is way too mafioso, no?

    And..what’s so bad about Hokkien songs ? =)

    Kheldar | 22/07/06 06:25 PM

  16. Kheldar – I don’t approve, but… they make the world go round. Just like how we have to live with psychotic murderers and bumbling politicians. ;)

    Heh. See, one of the suggestions that came up when my teammates and I were deciding which local music video to do as an assignment back in uni, was some… Hokkien song lah. Needless to say, someone shot down the suggestion immediately. :D

    Strizzt | 23/07/06 07:04 PM

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