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Can you cut?

Since rules number one and two forbid me from talking about it…

“This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.”

... and I had to be like, what, seven years late.

Heck, I loved it – and I am glad to report that during the course of the movie, all traces of “O” words have transformed into ones beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet.


But oh, that little twist – how could I be that clueless, I do not know.

Which is scarier – the fact that you could be somebody else, or that somebody else could be you, too? And of course, you had to be the last person on the planet to know of this.

It is all in the mind, they say.

Not for the first time – I find Tyler functioning as a first name, a rather pretty one. Rolls off your tongue easily. Tyler. Hmm.

“The things you own end up owning you.”

So. Looks like we are all slaves, anyway.

Let me just say that I will never look at those glossy, colourful, Ikea catalogues the same way, ever again.

Which is not a good thing to say the least, since it does make you want to meticulously choose the pieces, pick up the puzzles, and complete the never-ending construction of your humble dwelling.

Well, there goes my dream of having a sleek, modern interior dominated by colours black, white and silver, for my future home.

Do we all have to embrace pain to be fully awakened?

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  1. omg hahaha I also just only watched that movie!

    Keen | 04/07/06 01:12 AM

  2. Keen – Eh, was your first viewing of the movie just recently too? :P I was seven years late! (shakes head)

    Strizzt | 04/07/06 08:08 PM

  3. Yeah, first time too this. My sis bought the dvd recently, watched it, told me ‘I HAVE TO WATCH’, then promptly brought it over to my place and I just watched in awe. Hahaha

    Keen | 04/07/06 08:31 PM

  4. Congrats, you’ve just watched one of the best movies made in history. There is also a reason why I like Brad Pitt, he has a knack for choosing roles in some pretty great movies. I watched it about 5 years ago and the part about IKEA still stuck to me. This shows how powerful the message is!

    Shomisu | 04/07/06 08:54 PM

  5. u mean i didnt tell u to watch it all those years ago ah? well, glad you did. although, i hope you actually did get the idea. and that u should get that nice furniture, if you really want to.

    soporific | 05/07/06 02:00 AM

  6. Keen – Haha, good for us then. :D Now we have been enlightened by David Fincher…

    Shomisu – Heh. I’m hardly a fan of Brad, but yeah, that IKEA part – I can almost replay that on my mind! Geez.

    Soporific – You might have. ;) Mmm, everyone likes nice furniture. I haven’t been to IKEA for… almost a year now, heh heh. I almost wanted to get a soft toy – the Minnen Drake.

    Strizzt | 05/07/06 08:08 PM

  7. ... you JUST watched it?

    You absolutely HAVE to go out and get the book; even though you’re about 10 years late. =)

    Kheldar | 13/07/06 10:18 PM

  8. Kheldar – You make me feel so terribly old. :P

    Strizzt | 14/07/06 08:40 PM

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