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It has only been three hours or so since I left the office to welcome the weekend, but work is still fresh on my mind.

Actually, this happens almost every week. Sort of.

The bad thing about Fridays is that I have to go through a gruelling two days, worrying unnecessarily, before going back to work on Monday to allay my fears and suspicions.

There is always this nagging feeling that I may have:

  • forgotten to perform some tasks
  • directed an email to the wrong person
  • not completed my work and missed my deadlines,

so much so my weekend will be spent agonising over work-related matters.

Did I? Have I already? What if I did not?

Argh. I am so going to get it.

Yeah, this makes it sound like I cannot wait to get back to work. Creepy.

I guess, technically, I am still at work without being at work. The mind and the body does not want to let go. How depressing.

Work is an evil word.

On the other hand, I really need Fridays.

Thankfully, I have got rather good genes, or my crowning glory will all be white in colour by now.

Hmm, wait. Is this what they call “stress”?

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  1. option A: a goyang kaki 9-6 job that slowly eats ur brain cells by the seconds? or
    option B: a 24/7 job that turns you into a busy zombie?
    jadi orang bodoh? or orang gila?
    takde keje susah, ada keje laaagi susah…

    echobrainless | 18/06/06 07:26 PM

  2. Echobrainless – Tak tau lah. :( Is Option C “lepaking at home”? Even that in itself is not a good option.

    But that’s how things are.

    Strizzt | 18/06/06 08:52 PM

  3. jadi orang bodoh gila.

    soporific | 19/06/06 10:41 PM

  4. Is it possible to be both bodoh and gila at the same time? Not that I know the real difference between the two…

    Strizzt | 20/06/06 10:31 PM

  5. of course u do. stupid and crazy. but u can be crazily stupid, or stupidly crazy.

    soporific | 22/06/06 07:27 PM

  6. Soporific – Either way, it doesn’t sound good!

    Strizzt | 24/06/06 12:52 PM

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