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Suddenly, it feels like I have taken to making exclamations in another language. No foul words involved, mind you – but lately, whenever things take a turn for the worse, the first word(s) that come to mind run along the lines of…




... which are all supposed to serve as a varied version of “Oh, dear!” or “Oh, no!”. If I were to say them out loud, I think it would make me sound like a mat salleh having a go at the Malay language, or a confused German rolling her tongue unsuccessfully.

(Apparently, I have developed an interest for all things “O”. Meanwhile, Mr Rice is, unfortunately, queuing somewhere far behind…)

Yes, although all this happens only in my head, I still feel somewhat embarassed. Ah, the mysterious wonders of a working (more like overworked) mind…

If I could pronounce this, then perhaps I would: “#(*&$@0(#$!”

And I would use it a bit too regularly for my own liking. Hey, revenge/happiness/world domination is sweeter when no one knows what language you are cursing in, eh?


Ah, I feel better already.


A first listen of their latest single (dubious choice, this) off their second album:

“By golly, this cannot be Mr. Chipmunk Cheeks…!”

But then, the song that plays next had to begin with a beat reminiscent of their previous hit single.

No, this is most certainly not Hopes and Fears, Part II. I have yet to decide if this is actually a good or a bad thing…

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  1. Keane never fails to put me to sleep half the time… :D

    eyeris | 16/06/06 06:00 PM

  2. Eyeris – Wah. I thought their first album was quite decent actually. Try the second (the latest) album, compare between the two, and see which one puts you to sleep quicker. :D

    Strizzt | 16/06/06 09:55 PM

  3. to think that they’ve failed you the other half the time!

    soporific | 19/06/06 10:42 PM

  4. So have you both tried ‘Under the Iron Sea’?

    Strizzt | 24/06/06 12:52 PM

  5. i have. think it’s actually a better developed album.

    soporific | 25/06/06 04:52 PM

  6. Soporific – I think I prefer the first album. But I like the darker theme to the new album. Atlantic!

    Strizzt | 01/07/06 09:40 PM

  7. well, i said better developed, i didnt say better. problem with keane is that they listened to the critics who said they were pansy-flower-boy music. but whats wrong with that?
    now, they’ve done a sort of X&Y which is neither here nor there.
    one U2 is more than enough, how about.. some songs, huh?

    soporific | 05/07/06 02:03 AM

  8. Soporific – Woo. I didn’t know that the critics had problems with their er… pansy-flower-boy music.

    Aiyoh, and now all the reviews for this album contain the word “U2”.

    Oh well, at least it’s not completely without some gems of a song…

    Strizzt | 05/07/06 08:20 PM

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