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Take a number.

Gmail has this button called “Delete Forever”.

I use it all the time, giving total disregard (until today, that is) to the many spam recipes that appear on the bar on top of it.

“Toss with linguini, serve immediately.”
“Bake 30-40 minutes.”
“Serves 8, add extra salsa if desired.”

Sounds delicious? Hardly.

Sometimes I am quite tempted to use the button on myself.

Erase self with just a click of a button. All traces, gone. Dust, cells, dead or alive. Disappeared.

All right, maybe not in the sense that I would want to wipe myself clean off the edge of this planet, but…

Oh, wait. That does sound like quite a decent idea, does it not?

I think I might be content with just being a Joel or Clementine anyway.

“I walked out the door. There’s no memory left.”


Wine glasses tinkle. A dull hum in the background. The smell of rich perfume and fanciful named dishes.

“Do I actually know you?”

“Not at all”.

Mmm. “Not at all”. Why, that sounds like a great comeback line. Breaks hearts, but does the trick.

I click on said button, twice a day at least, but hey – I am still here.


Is it just me, or is that TV show about plane crash survivors marooned on an island with polar bears getting somewhat… stale?

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  1. It got stale for me at three quarters past the first season

    Mint81 | 13/06/06 08:24 AM

  2. It’s far from stale! More revelations to come! It’s just… slow to buildup… Have heart! Have patience!

    Dr House rulesss!

    Wong | 13/06/06 10:10 AM

  3. Mint81 – Hmm, it got stale for you that early on? I used to watch it somewhat religiously – now, I feel kind of… indifferent to it. It’s like, I’m not missing anything much even if I skip an episode.

    Wong – There are revelations in every episode, but probably just not of the earth-breaking or ground-shattering kind to sustain my interest in the show.

    Strizzt | 13/06/06 08:40 PM

  4. I still follow Lost in snapshots but don’t have the patience to sit through everything. I feel it caters to the occasional viewer, rewarding the regular TV watchers who watch when they have time as opposed to binge TV watchers like me who watch chunks of episodes at a go.

    I’m still intrigued enough to want to follow the overall story but not to catch every episode. Early on, I liked the slow pace as it set up the great flashback device for character development. Once most of the backstory had been fleshed out, it started to wear a little thin. Still, there are some occasional great moments in season 2 that you should catch and I don’t want to spoil for you.

    Dr House is great. But my highly recommended TV serial of the past year is Battlestar Galactica. All that Internet hype is justified.

    Mint | 13/06/06 09:35 PM

  5. Why is it you get recipe ideas and all I get are offers for instant university degrees? Do my demographics, unsolicited as it may be, lump me in the “stupid” category? I demand a reprofile!

    Oh, just curious, but why would you want to “delete” yourself? I could garner not a single clue from your posts. hmm…

    oblivion | 14/06/06 01:05 AM

  6. for someone named oblivion, ur cluelessness is astonishingly surprising.

    in any case, i’m sure leaving the spam to delete itself wont hinder ur active email social life too much. have a break, watch some world cup.

    soporific | 14/06/06 03:50 AM

  7. Mint – Hmm. Well, I’ve missed two Lost episodes back-to-back now. But yeah, like you, I think I’m still intrigued by the story/development, but I don’t feel the need to watch it anymore. In fact, I’m thinking of just reading the episode guides of the net to catch up… but ah well.

    That said, I love Jack… Bauer. Two seasons behind, what the heck…

    Oblivion – Eh. I can send you the spam recipes if you like. :P Hey, instant uni degrees are not THAT bad! You can be a multi-degree holder, whee!

    It’s okay – my middle name is Vague. Haha. But I can assure you you’re not the only one who didn’t get what I meant. :)

    Soporific – Nah, I just can’t stand seeing a number next to the spam folder (Oh, no! Am I turning into a perfectionist?!). And stop talking about the World Cup. :P I hear about it everywhere…

    Strizzt | 14/06/06 08:14 PM

  8. No it’s not that. I’m supposed to be clued-in BECAUSE I call myself Oblivion. Haha. Just when I thought I’ve heard all the weirdos.. :)

    oblivion | 14/06/06 11:44 PM

  9. world cup, world cup!

    no, you’re no perfectionist. but i know someone who can do something about your OCD.

    oblivion – my sentiments exactly. astonishing.

    soporific | 15/06/06 09:25 AM

  10. Sopo: yes we all got it the first time thanks :D very witty.

    oblivion | 15/06/06 10:14 AM

  11. Graaaah.

    Oh, no, now it’s OCD. You’re not suggesting a shrink, are you?

    Strizzt | 15/06/06 08:03 PM

  12. yes, but i need to reiterate myself because i’m soporific.

    soporific | 19/06/06 10:44 PM

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