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There has always got to be someone, in any place whatsoever, who has to play the coveted role of a baddie.

One who makes it seem easier in comparison to scale a mountain somewhere in the Himalayas, than actually have others try their darndest best to get along with.

One who everyone feels obliged to give a strained smile and a forced greeting to, for the fear of getting into the person’s bad books.

One who seems to exude an indomitable aura of doom and gloom, turning your insides into ice if you happened to step within a ten-foot radius of his or her presence.

One who appears to make everyone else shrink and cower away like scraggly mice at the mere sight of him or her.

One who possess the ability to make others’ mouths form a resounding “no” a la Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

But others do not usually make it known to you that they feel the same way about you, too.

Reputation, reputation. I have mine to keep; you have yours. I would hate to let the others down; how about you?

Oh, but we will never know.

It takes more than two to play the game. It always does.

But who will win this time around, I wonder.

Place your bets, now.

(While I usually agonise over the usage of commas at work, I, too, have a question of the day: should it be “one who…” or “one whom…”?)

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  1. well, I think unless one is in the position to fire or promote you, then you don’t have to give a shit.

    but it always helps to have friends who can put you in your place with sheer honesty. if i accomplish something and am still glowing about it the next day, they’ll say..don’t get too big headed lar! and then I won’t be such an insufferable boast anymore. :)

    btw, you can totally lip read the scream?! I’ve always thought he was mouthing somethin like Whoa!

    oblivion | 11/06/06 04:37 PM

  2. I would go for “one who”. Not an expert opinion though.

    Mint | 11/06/06 07:39 PM

  3. There isn’t a simple answer; it depends whether “who” is the subject or object of the sentence.
    So in your five uses: who, whom, who, who, who, respectively. In the “whom” case, “everyone” is the subject of the sentence.

    Fortunately for you, “whom” is falling out of favour, and “who” is becoming acceptable even for the object case. Of course, as this usage is in a transitional phase, there will be heated arguments and fierce objections from some quarters.

    (And that’s from 3 years ago!)

    Tim Frost | 12/06/06 02:33 AM

  4. subject = who
    object = him

    all the uses in ur post are who.

    She likes sportsmen, especially those whom she meets in training.

    simply use the s/he or him/her test.

    in the case of “One who appears to make everyone else shrink and cower away like scraggly mice at the mere sight of him or her.”

    the substitution of the personal/active pronoun means that you can say He/She/One appears to make everyone else….

    in the case of “She likes sportsmen, especially those whom she meets in training.”

    She meets him/her/them in training.

    soporific | 12/06/06 06:02 PM

  5. Oblivion – Nah. It’s work-related, so I have to give a shit anyway. I reckon I’d also need to get more friends of the nature that you mentioned.

    Oh, I’ve always thought it was a “NooOooOOoOoOoOoOoo”. :P But you never know… I mean, there’s a country that actually takes nodding as a no.

    Mint – Heh. You know, some times the words kind of sound right, but they’re actually incorrect. ;) I’ve been guilty of that many times.

    Tim – Thanks! Yeah, the language is ever evolving and there’s no strict rule to follow anymore. Oh well. I can’t even hyphenate words without thinking twice…

    Soporific – Mm… that’s a quick but certainly useful lesson. Thanks for the tip!

    Strizzt | 12/06/06 08:37 PM

  6. no problem. hope it solves it for you.

    soporific | 15/06/06 09:49 AM

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