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We'll have a comfortable flight.

Someday I'll grow up and... fly.

“The coast is clear.”

“For now. What if they come back?”

Aiyah... if you want to do it, you might as well do it now when they are still away.”

“Okay, okay.”


Click, snap.

“I can’t even see them!”

“What the… they’re in there! How can you not see them?”

“It’s kind of dark in there lah. And those leaves are obstructing my view!”

“Here, I’ll turn the pot this way…”

“Don’t touch it!... Oh, no! Their mum and dad are back! I don’t want to have feathers in front of my face like what they did to me the last time…”

“Faster lah, and be done with it.”

So that was the half-hearted attempt at getting a good shot of the (two) hatchlings, while being perched precariously atop a wooden stool, which was still not high enough for me to peek into the nest.

Who would have thought that something this… ugly would grow up to be one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet?

And you would think that a lesson has already been learned when we read The Ugly Duckling.

I cannot wait to see them take their wings to the sky.

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  1. this is funny. :) slice of life of humans peering into the animal kingdom. that’s why i like cartoons like Calvin & Hobbes or Insanity Streak that reverses the roles of human and animal, thereby poking fun at human nature.

    btw, why does the pic remind me of BBQ chicken wings?

    oblivion | 11/06/06 12:13 PM

  2. Oblivion – Can’t help it; it feels like I’m watching National Geographic from my own garden.

    Gasp. BBQ chicken wings?! No!!!

    Strizzt | 11/06/06 02:41 PM

  3. Actually, to me the birdlings look like herbal soup broiled chicken! ehehehe

    Shomisu | 11/06/06 09:28 PM

  4. We have a lot of young bird activity in our garden too. A robin has nested and hatched three chicks already, and has now built a new nest and is sitting on another batch of eggs. Unfortunately her nest is rather more secluded than the one in your photo and I don’t expect to get any pictures of the chicks before they leave it.

    Here’s a shot of one of the first batch:

    What kind of bird is it in your photo?

    Tim Frost | 12/06/06 02:14 AM

  5. you know, quails are pretty tasty too.

    soporific | 12/06/06 06:04 PM

  6. Wha… I can’t believe you guys! Regarding the poor hatchlings as food! :P

    Shom – These, er, cuties (!!) are mine and not for eating. Hmph. :P

    Tim – I’m not sure of the name of the bird; I have a picture though. Will put it up later. I’d love to be able to get a clear shot of the hatchling, like what you got for that robin of yours. :)

    Soporific – Uhm. I don’t think I’ve tried quails…

    Strizzt | 12/06/06 08:17 PM

  7. Tim – Oh, I just found it! (Ah, the wonders of the Internet…)

    It’s a yellow-vented Bulbul. Descriptions of eggs, nest (“They are so used to humans that they may even nest in ornamental plants in residential gardens and even balconies!”) are quite accurate. :D


    (just do a search for ‘yellow’)

    Strizzt | 12/06/06 08:52 PM

  8. that bird is everywhere. we could do wit slightly less of them…:)

    soporific | 14/06/06 03:53 AM

  9. Soporific – Yeah, they’re not that hard to notice. But they make pretty gurgly/throaty sounds though. Heh.

    Strizzt | 14/06/06 07:57 PM

  10. eats them, we shall.

    soporific | 15/06/06 09:51 AM

  11. Soporific – Absolutely not! :o

    Strizzt | 15/06/06 08:00 PM

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