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What if tomorrow is the end of the world as we know it, and all I do the day before is:

a) worry about how much I worry about work. Oh, for heaven’s sake: work is constantly in my thoughts – it tugs and twirls playfully at the edge of my mind. I do not need to count sheep; it dares me to attempt to finish up some work even in my dreams.

I wonder if that makes me a workaholic.

b) think about how Mr Collide could sound like Mr Right-Here-Waiting at times. Those singer-songwriters; they make me fall in love with them so, so, easily, and I am fast running out of fingers to count them all. Oh, woe. Who would have thought that Mr Bad Day could even make it into the list?

Still, that does not mean that I have completely dismissed the idea of speed dating off my head.

c) analyse my last.fm charts and finally being able to determine which bands are my favourite – backed by statistical proof. Sort of. I think. Well, it is statistics…

But they still owe me my pony.

d) try to figure out a way to get my new, fruity music player to play albums chronologically. Heck – for once, can things not be arranged in alphabetical order?... Oh, all right, I admit I was being picky.

In any case, it is the almighty fruit that all worship, and so I shall have to restrain myself from shouting bloody murder.

e) ...

I guess I have a need to reassess my priorities.

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  1. Neeon rules! Fruits are overrated!

    Wong | 06/06/06 10:51 AM

  2. Wong – Bah. Overrated, but at least it lives up to expectations – I’d take the fruit anyday. :P

    Strizzt | 06/06/06 07:29 PM

  3. Huh? Are you serious about speed dating?

    Shomisu | 06/06/06 09:23 PM

  4. wong – yeah, keep telling yourself that. i’m sure it makes things better.

    strizzt – i’ve never tried it. but doesnt adding the year column on the details and then clicking on its heder arrange the tracks chronologically?

    soporific | 07/06/06 06:02 PM

  5. oh btw, that bloody song. oh my god. you truly need to realign ur playlist. here’s some mogwai. go listen.

    soporific | 07/06/06 06:09 PM

  6. Shomisu – Yeah, I’m doing ‘speed dating’ with all the singer-songwriters I currently listen to. (They’re young and good looking. Ahem.) :D And I’m ticking ‘yes’ for all of them!

    Soporific – That’s what I did – I clicked on the header ‘Year’ in iTunes, so that the albums are arranged chronologically. I thought I got it right – but once I transferred them to the iPod, the albums are listed in alphabetical order. Gah.

    What, which song? ‘Collide’ not nice meh (yes, it’s getting overplayed…). ‘Bad Day’ is not my favourite, in case you’re concerned about that as well. :D

    I have some Mogwai, but cannot click with them (just like how I couldn’t click with Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky). So I’ll pass.

    Strizzt | 07/06/06 08:05 PM

  7. Eh.. no need to be concerned with soporific and his playlist suggestions. Thats what a critic does for a living

    Mint | 07/06/06 10:06 PM

  8. well, I guess the end of the world will give speed dating a whole new meaning eh?

    oblivion | 07/06/06 11:01 PM

  9. Mint – I know. :D I don’t have to like everything he recommends to me – still, he’s had more hits than misses.

    Oblivion – Heh. Indeed it does. ;) Now, you’ve just put horrific visions of desperately long queues and frantic scrambling into my head…

    Strizzt | 08/06/06 07:51 PM

    anyway, no need to worry about my recommendations, but worry about bloody daniel powter and why you’re liking that trash:)

    anyway, no, an ipod will not arrange in chronological order. but that’s a great idea. pitch it to ‘em.

    soporific | 09/06/06 05:29 PM

  11. Soporific – Hee. Powter does have three songs that I like, though.

    So it’s not possible to arrange the albums chronologically lah. And to think I spent THAT much time arranging them… gah!

    Strizzt | 10/06/06 11:17 AM

  12. what u could do is if there is a specific artist u want to have in chrono order, make a playlist.

    soporific | 12/06/06 06:05 PM

  13. Soporific – Yes, I did exactly that (assuming I got you right lah). That’s how I made all my playlists for the iPod.

    For instance, I created a playlist called Wilco, dumped all of Wilco’s albums into it, and clicked on the header ‘Year’ so that it will arrange chronologically…

    It did not work. :l

    Strizzt | 12/06/06 08:07 PM

  14. i dunno about you, but my playlists all play in the order i set them. so if i click year and update my ipod, it’ll play them in that order. if i move a song later or earlier on its own, that’s how it’ll be on my ipod. granted i update my ipod.
    wonder what version of itunes u use though.

    soporific | 14/06/06 04:01 AM

  15. Soporific – Eh, that’s strange. If yours can work, so should mine! Hmm. Oh well, I’ll try again and see…

    Strizzt | 14/06/06 07:59 PM

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