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Wake up, cinnamon.

“Hello!... Yep, we’re fine, thanks. You called to take part in the contest? What is the answer?”

“Hmm, ‘you think’? Well, soon you’ll know if you answered correctly. Can I have your number?”

“Okay, we’ll be going on air in 10 seconds. Stay on the line.”


“fkjda kjda leeui ljfls kjfk mej wdsdkejra.”
“deiowmms awiuerem wiospfds??”
“djs weirow xcxiux wer mnw??”

“Uhm. Apparently we had trouble getting you on air. Did my partner get your number earlier?... Leave us your number again, we’ll call you back.”


“Hi! Okay, you may or may not have got the answer right, but we still need to get you on air. Give me your full name… mmhmm… and your IC number?”

“Let’s see… we’ll be on air in about 20 seconds. Hold on.”


“Right. Who do we have on the line today?”

“Ah. And what’s our Gostan Tune for the day?”

“Come, give us your rendition of the song.”

No?! Awww…”

“Okay, she definitely did better than the original, haha!”

“Congratulations! Log on to our website to see when your CD is ready for collection. Next up we have—”


Details of this entry.Sunday, May 28, 2006, filed under Personal.
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  1. damn free man you.

    soporific | 29/05/06 01:13 AM

  2. Soporific – Heh. On the contrary, I was driving and was not using a hands-free kit. In fact, I was feeling disgruntled that the first caller failed to answer the question correctly.

    Strizzt | 29/05/06 07:45 PM

  3. eh, if i report u to police now got reward ah?

    soporific | 30/05/06 05:49 PM

  4. Soporific – What did I ever do to you wor. Close one eye cannot ah. :(

    Strizzt | 30/05/06 08:16 PM

  5. cannot. unless got eyepatch.

    soporific | 02/06/06 06:50 PM

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