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So just because I have done it once before – and heck, not too long ago now, is it not? – I am getting the feeling that I can do it again for the second time.

I had the whole day to mull it over. Obviously, it is not as easy as what my favourite footwear brand proudly declares.

But I knew that I had to go for the previous. I gave in. And I had an absolutely lovely time then. All doubts, misgivings, fears – vanquished. Besides, nothing makes it more sweet than having it as the first.

Now, soon I may just have my second – but I was not particularly sure. I was not convinced.

Do I really need to do it again?

Is this just to assure myself that I really can?

How did this turn out to become a goal, a mission of sorts?

A quick look at the setlist was not particularly enticing – none of my favourite songs are in th— whoa, whoa, wait. What was that?

White Shadows!

(Yes, yes. Then again, I do not know of anyone who actually lists Spies as a favourite.)

That did it. Plastic put to use. What follows next? Hotel bookings. Bus tickets. Leave applications. Again.

And now, there is only one issue left to be dealt with: who can I drag along down south again, for this?

Sigh. I need to stop thinking that I can conquer the world.

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  1. Its gonna be my THIRD this year…. three times more than any other year before this… haha

    eyeris | 20/05/06 10:08 PM

  2. Wow gonna be a concert veteran soon, I guess

    Mint | 21/05/06 02:14 AM

  3. Eyeris – Ah well, you head down to Singapore like, once a month anyway. :P

    Mint – Haha! I wish. I’ve only been to two concerts from my favourite bands. This might be the third.

    Strizzt | 21/05/06 11:52 AM

  4. hello, you know that i list spies as my favourite too, remember?

    soporific | 21/05/06 09:35 PM

  5. Soporific – I do remember! But you know, I find that somewhat unbelievable (not that I’m doubting you). :P

    Strizzt | 21/05/06 10:06 PM

  6. they bloody left Fix You at the end of the ENCORE. GAH.

    eyeris | 22/05/06 11:23 AM

  7. Eyeris – Once you get close enough to the stage, just yell at them to play you the song first. :D

    But hmm, just imagining it as the final song for the night gives me goosebumps. Now, if they were to play Spies as the parting song… phwoarrrrrrr. Ahem.

    Strizzt | 22/05/06 08:28 PM

  8. BTW, the online tickets are all gone…. whew… so I wasn’t THAT paranoid after all eh?

    eyeris | 22/05/06 11:29 PM

  9. Eyeris – Nah, I think tickets will magically become available online again – in very limited numbers, of course.

    Getting paranoid over Coldplay is not that bad a thing lah. :D

    Strizzt | 23/05/06 08:02 PM

  10. getting paranoid over coldplay tickets isnt la at least. but if they go the way they’ve been going, i wouldnt lose any sleep over them.

    why is spies being my favourite unbelievable? parachutes is my favourite, and it is the most acoustic of the albums, and spies is probably one of the more acoustically complex songs on the album.

    soporific | 24/05/06 12:18 PM

  11. Soporific – No, just unbelievable in the sense that, well… hmm. It’s kind of hard to describe – who else likes Spies, anyway? Or maybe it’s just that I don’t know what you really like. Yep.

    (I’ve also been looking at the charts at last.fm, to see what other people like – looks like I’m hard to please.)

    Strizzt | 28/05/06 09:15 PM

  12. lots of people like spies, but perhaps not their favourite. but u should be able to see that liking a song at random isnt rare. it’s just coincidental that we both pick it as our favourite.
    for example… whats ur favourite doves track? i’d have to pick friday’s dust as a strong contender.

    soporific | 29/05/06 01:15 AM

  13. Soporific – I know a person who likes ‘Friday’s Dust’ enough to use it as her handle. I think. :P

    Favourite Doves track? The first one that comes to mind immediately is ‘Catch the Sun’.

    Strizzt | 29/05/06 07:43 PM

  14. well, see. coincidences do happen…

    soporific | 30/05/06 05:54 PM

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