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Space catapults.

A bit uncanny. Terengganu, 2003.

I am looking at some photos that I have long marked to be uploaded onto my two other humble abodes in cyberspace.


If I do not do this by this weekend, I will never get around to doing it, despite the timely reminders and threats and that I heap upon myself. I attribute this mostly to procrastination (of a kind), and also because everyone can do a simple point-and-shoot these days.

So easy, is it not? Everyone has a camera these days. Everyone can take photos. Everyone can upload pictures for all to see.

That is because the ‘delete’ button on the camera is always an easy way out.

I have cameras, but – either my photography studies has dulled my perspectives, or made me more meticulous than ever – I find that I cannot just do a point-and-shoot anymore.

I pick up the camera, but I cannot find anything worthwhile as a subject matter. I need something that is worth preserving. Something that occurs just once and unexpectedly. Something that you snap at that particular moment, to be forever frozen in time on a 4R. And this is particularly difficult when one is hardly a traveller at heart.

Even the skies now are laughing at me.

Quite simply: I need to get out more; to be rejuvenated; to feel more of life!

Bold demands, but…

If I sound bitter, that is because I am. Tomorrow is a Monday, after all.

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  1. Hey where can I see the other pictures you’ve uploaded? Btw, nice photo you have there! Interesting textures and colours. Where was it taken?

    Shomisu | 15/05/06 09:25 PM

  2. Shomisu – The photo was taken in Terengganu during my uni days (we were there to work on an assignment). It’s also one of my favourite photos, actually.

    Will upload more pictures during the weekend (rayglass.insatiably.net and skies.insatiably.net).

    Strizzt | 16/05/06 08:06 PM

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