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Hi there,

I hope you are well.

... you know, that has been pretty much the standard greeting I give to my customers. I think I may have gravely abused its usage, along with the ever-convenient “How are you?” and even the much-loved “Thank you” – somehow, I get the feeling that those phrases have, in some ways, become increasingly fake, insincere, and overused.

Sometimes, I utter them because I am expected to; and not because I want to.


Well. Nothing quite stands the test of time these days, it seems.

Letters are almost always incomplete without a casual mention of the weather. Here, the cloudy skies are blue only in the mornings, before the heavens – as expected – open up during the evenings, launching bucketfuls of water so forcefully, threatening to sweep everything away. In fact, I myself have had to stray from my usual route home just yesterday to avoid flash floods reportedly three-feet deep (or so the radio deejay said, bearing words from one of the listeners – I highly doubt the claim now), inadvertently ending up halfway across the state and being stuck behind trails of cars away from home.

Oh, but the lightning! Beautiful, but dangerous. Flashes of white light. Blinding jagged lines painting the dark sky. They say that lightning does not strike the same place twice – but not many know that this is merely a myth.

Slowly, one gets the idea that this letter is going nowhere…

In any case, I would very much appreciate it if you could kindly tell me the reason why you would rather spend close to two hours going through my archives at the ungodly hour of 4 am, than be away in dreamland chasing stars and waxing moons. I do not think you meant to, but this is freaking me out. Seriously.

P/S: I love emails.

Signing off for now,

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