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A few degrees.

A few degrees.

So here I am.

Another four grueling months. If I am lucky.

I am so not prepared for this.

No adventures, no stories, no eye-openers.

Well, at least I have had a rather generous helping of television programmes over the past few weeks: mainly reality shows, which I had been tuning in to daily. America’s Next Top Model 2. For Love or Money 4. Nescafe Kick-Start. Survivor: Vanuatu. The Amazing Race 6. The Apprentice. And occasionally, the annoying The Assistant, to which I am often left wondering who in their right minds would want to work for such difficult an employer (oddly enough, I have never watched an episode of the very-well-received American Idol).

I think I may have succumbed to my lowest (or would you call it my otherwise hidden dreamy, romantic self?) by faithfully tuning in to For Love or Money. Would you think it cruel to be toying with others’ feelings? Playing and preying on a person’s emotions, leading them to desperate measures, and have them probably make their single biggest mistake in their lives – for a chance of a lifetime, which also happens to be: hmm, a cool million dollars? I am not sure if it would be worth it – but the rewards and events that unfold as the show progresses are rather appealing.

“Sorry, I needed that one million bucks badly, no matter how much you love me.”
“So all this has been nothing but… a lie?”

If that happened, it would be like, ouch.

Fret not, however: for the happily-ever-after tried-and-tested method prevails… to a certain extent.

That was a reality show, to which you could easily dismiss as just a game – if nothing else, you can always count on experiencing the thrills of having appeared on television (“Hey, I’m on TV!”) and subsequently getting a few modeling contracts out of it.

But there is always the other side of reality to go back to. The now. It happens in real life, too.


I have been looking out of the window quite frequently lately, and my mind constantly screams, “The blue sky! The blue sky!” Amazingly, it gets blazingly hot here, while the headlines that made the front pages of the papers for the past week are often of the devastating floods happening in the east coast.

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