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No one said anything about a bunch of marching penguins.

It is almost a given that we will be watching the birds in tuxedos swaying slightly from side to side, marching in a single file as they trudge clumsily through the icy cold snow.

Now, when it comes to letting loose a crate of deadly reptiles to slither about on a plane…

Fine. So there will be snakes. On a plane. It needs an additional three exclamation marks, perhaps?

Ooh la la.

Armed with just simplicity, the movie producers have got the whole world already eating right out of the their hands. There will hardly be a need to allocate a decent budget for advertising purposes, or to generate an initial buzz for the movie.

Yep, this is as early as it can get. The deed has already been done. Sit back, watch, and wait for the money to roll in.

But really. Courtesy of the… straightforwardness of the title: countless websites dedicated to the movie; funny forum threads that stretch on for miles; mock movie trailers sucking up bandwidth; an appearance in the slang dictionary; and, ah – the ‘fan’s.

All this, before the movie is even released. Is it being widely ‘advertised’, or mocked?

Oy, you people are giving snakes a bad name already.

But I find it hilarious all the same.

After all, people have previously found it… enlightening to check in regularly to the Dullest Blog in the World. If all else fails: just roar away with Chewy.

Me? I am off to watch TV.

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