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Weatherman says goodnight.

I know I do have a penchant to loop albums and play certain tracks over and over again, but when it is translated into numbers and statistics, the results are somewhat… intimidating.

It is almost like unearthing tiny and negligible parts of yourself that you never quite knew were there in the first place – but upon putting them all together, it could bring forth a whole new meaning in its entirety.

But it really boggles the mind as to how quickly your music interests are supposed to elevate you to a certain status; it either makes you instantly worship-able, or makes you wonder why people have a tendency to raise their eyebrows before stifling a giggle even at your presence when you tell them you listen to the Spice Girls.

You tell people you read the Smiths – Ali and Zadie – and nothing happens. Throwing in Gaiman, Dick, Murakami, Wells, and Pratchett into the mix will perhaps induce a small “ahh” of approval. Small-time writer and relatively unknown publisher? Tough luck, then.

You tell people you cannot stop watching green codes scrolling down screens, dead ducks floating in ponds, or light sabres swishing in galaxies far, far away – and they will nod thoughtfully, share their favourite movies, possibly generate also a short discussion – and that will be that. Still, I think you do get extra points if you mention that you are a filmmaker on a tight budget currently looking into a dubious script, which you think will undeniably send the moral police after you should your now-still-yet-to-be-made-after-12-years movie passes the snippety-snip anyway.

But tell people that you play the, er, xylophone, harp and bass, and also listen to, say, (insert weird, unknown and not-easily-recognisable name of a band) and the result is almost instantaneous. Mention classical music, and you immediately think of rich, high-class socialites daintily holding their little black bags heading towards the music hall.

It is not quite stereotyping, really, but…

After all, some people managed to come up with names of groups to bring the people together, such as “Extensive Musical Taste”, “I Don’t Mean To Come Off As A Music Snob”, and uhm, “Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to”.

Oh, I think I will fit like a glove in the “Introverted Lonely and Over-Sensitive” group, though.

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  1. I guess what you listen to, read or watch is purely for yourself anyway. It is by nature a rather introverted way to pass one’s time. It would be great if it happens to make for good conversation topics but thats more of a bonus.

    Mint | 03/05/06 11:13 PM

  2. Mint – Heh. I think some people would find it more fun to go to the movies or drop by the clubbing scene with a bunch of (close-knitted) friends.

    In any case, it seems that society these days judges you by taking into account your choices in music/books/movies.

    Strizzt | 04/05/06 09:47 PM

  3. It’s the fast food mentality. People want to make judgements about others quickly nowadays, coz relationships are so superficial; they don’t really have the time to get to know you.

    Shomisu | 05/05/06 10:50 PM

  4. shomisu – i hope you were being ironic. or i can think of another kind of ronic.

    had no idea that that many pple read murakami though, altho he has gotten a larger following here in recent times. but the smiths are relatively young and britain only phenoms. they haven’t after all, wrote about some obscure fictional part of exotic asia or uhh, jesus christ.

    soporific | 06/05/06 12:07 AM

  5. Shomisu – Or maybe we’re all busy people now, always on the move, content with just the regular ‘hi’s and ‘bye’s.

    Soporific – I don’t know; but I keep seeing the names of the same authors probably because it’s now the season for shortlisted nominees and booklists/awards. Have not read any of their books though.

    Strizzt | 06/05/06 12:59 PM

  6. no needla. so many books, so little time. the concept of a mustread is slowly dying.

    soporific | 10/05/06 10:10 PM

  7. Soporific – Oh well. I still have quite a number of yet-to-be-read books in my room, too. Sigh.

    Strizzt | 11/05/06 10:09 PM

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