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A failed blackhole.

We hear, but we do not always listen.

A song plays, but the brain does not quite register.

Lips move, but the mind wanders off.

And that is that. Slips away silently like a slithery snake. Evaporates into nothingness. Gone and forgotten.

I managed to dig out an all-important item long stashed away in the deepest corners of the closet, and came away somewhat rejuvenated. The effects are almost life changing.

Fingers tapping incessantly in accordance to the rhythm, you sway slightly in your seat, nodding your head gently to the music as the world around you dims and retreats far away.

Extra musical instruments that you never knew were there play almost discreetly in the background, accompanied by the seductive strums of the guitar or the addictive beats of the drum, enveloping you in childish delight.

Soft nothings being whispered into your ear, serenading you to a dreamless sleep as you slowly drift off to a realm where time stands still, and where you worry no more.

Ah, such is the power of a decent pair of headphones. It really does transport you to a place where there is only you, and nothing else but music, its soulful goodness magnified many times more.

And sometimes, that is enough to last you through the day.

... now, should I even dare contemplate going down south (again!) in July just to see Apple and Moses’ dad and his band, live?

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  1. I’m contemplating that trip down south as well…. haha

    eyeris | 02/05/06 11:06 AM

  2. Eyeris – Kind of tempting, isn’t it? Sigh…

    Strizzt | 02/05/06 07:30 PM

  3. is it that costly a thing?

    soporific | 06/05/06 12:08 AM

  4. Soporific – The thought of having to go down south again makes me feel… lazy.

    Strizzt | 06/05/06 12:53 PM

  5. that’s cause u aint going down wit me!;)

    soporific | 10/05/06 10:11 PM

  6. Soporific – Cheh. :P You have plenty of company lah…

    Strizzt | 11/05/06 10:15 PM

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