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Turn to rust.

Just when I thought that things are beginning to look up a little, I have to be launched out of my comfort zone to begin anew.

Six months, now. A small milestone.

I get the feeling that my brain has progressively turned into mush. As much as I would like to attribute this to the… numbing nature of my work (like, how interesting can matters related to tax be for you?), it cannot be the sole reason, really.

But it is alarming to note that I have not been able to pose an appropriate reply to others – or a good comeback line, if you will.

Not that I have ever been able to successfully throw quick and effective comeback lines all this while – I rarely make jaws drop, produce pin-drop silence, or let nitrous oxide seem secondary – but obviously, there has got to be something more than an embarassed smile or a slight shrug of the shoulders to cater to their satisfaction.

I realised this only recently, where I had inadvertently become the subject of discussion – although I believe that this is something not quite alien to me:

“Why you so quiet ah?”

I will probably need to come up with a standard set of better answers at the ready, instead of the unhelpful “I’m always like that”, which almost always creates an awkward silence in the air. Now, what could I have said to that in return? Hmm. I do not know – something like… like…

Children should be seen and not heard. Someone here is still a kid.

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  1. hoho, it’s wit you’re going after, is it? let me offer an option. because u’ll need a steady amount of ammo if you’re to keep up that illusion. i mean, form.

    “you know, they say it’s all relative.”

    soporific | 28/04/06 09:40 AM

  2. Soporific – That’s certainly better than just “I’m like that” at least!

    But I run out of ammo darn quick. :(

    Strizzt | 28/04/06 09:40 PM

  3. “The Angel of Silence beckons.”
    Some sign language which says, “fuck you, noisy retard.”
    “Talk is cheap.”
    “Because aeroplanes are machines.”
    “That’s just your brain thinking out loud.”

    i’ll be back for more later.

    soporific | 06/05/06 12:13 AM

  4. Soporific – I’ll take “talk is cheap”. :D Short and to the point. In a way. Heh.

    Strizzt | 06/05/06 12:46 PM

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