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Yeah, yeah, yeah, no.

“Oh, no! You shouldn’t have changed your mind!”

“Unfortunately, it looks like the RM400 in this bonus round is not going to you after all.”

”(beep) Bad news; your answer was incorrect. Aww…”

“You are absolutely… (drum rolls) ... wrong.”

You will be in your car, gripping the steering wheel tightly and making undecipherable strangling sounds, or tsk-tsk-ing, wishing you had earlier call in to the radio station to answer that oh-so-bloody-easy-but-why-no-one-else-has-got-the-answer-to question.

But you see, there can only be one. More often than not, it is not you.

“The answer is ‘March 1997’, damn it!”

Aiyah, so easy also cannot answer…”

“That. So. Could. Have. Been. Me. I could have won!”

“For goodness sake! Arrrrghkrjhhggrrhhhh!”

It makes you turn all smug and mighty suddenly, belittling the intelligence of the poor caller, who had hazarded a blind guess in his or her attempt – but subsequently received strings of curses by the thousands of listeners who had been confidently armed with the correct answer.

The world is probably divided into two: those who have actually bothered to take part in radio contests, be it just a simple music CD giveaway (yeah, you could have just given away that Ashlee Simpson album to your neighbour’s kid), or scoring a romantic trip for two to Paris – and those who do nothing but grumble about having lost the opportunity to bag ten tickets to go watch a movie heavily panned by critics, or a holiday to Disneyland where you probably would have been able to rediscover the joys of being a carefree five-year-old again.

Freebies are freebies.

But hey, knowing that a few thousand bucks had flown right out of your grasp is just plain sad, you know.


I shall now open the floor to questions.

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  1. Actually, I tried a few times to call in to a radio station (Lite ‘N’ Easy)contest and I discovered it was BLOODY IMPOSSIBLY HARD TO GET THROUGH! So I think, probably those who know the answers and also bothered to try probably are not as lucky as the clueless, hardworking ones. :p

    Shom | 08/04/06 12:29 AM

  2. questions, all right then:

    1. madonna’s hung up has a sample from which ABBA song?
    2. dave mustaine is a guitarist for which band?

    heh. no freebies for correct answers.

    spoonfork | 08/04/06 10:54 AM

  3. Shom – Apparently, calls are easier to get through on weekends, as compared to weekdays! :D I don’t know how’s it like when you’re required to SMS answers…

    (Sidenote: I have won music CDs from a now-defunct radio station. Feels absolutely bizarre hearing your voice on radio.)

    Spoonfork – I know the answer to question 1 (I used to list ABBA as one of my favourite bands… oh lordy!), but was not sure about question 2 (had to google for it). One down, then. :(

    Strizzt | 08/04/06 12:47 PM

  4. you know what’s worse? trying to call in, and then forgetting that you didn’t top up, so you can’t get through. =(

    p.s: my favourite is actually mystery 9 at 9. =)

    Leech | 09/04/06 11:54 PM

  5. I do know ppl who get through. They do so by hounding the station and flooding it with calls. So, its no wonder that casual would-be contestants don’t get through

    Mint | 10/04/06 08:54 AM

  6. I’ve actually gotten through quite a number of times before and won stuff, but nowadays I don’t even bother listening to the radio…

    PS: At War With The Mystics rocks

    eyeris | 10/04/06 02:48 PM

  7. Leech – Heh. I’ve never had that problem with my phone, though (I have excessive credit that runs into hundreds, hah!).

    Mint – Nah, it’s probably because they really, really, really want to win the prize… :)

    Eyeris – Until I get a CD player for the car, I have to be content with the radio. :D

    (I thought At War with the Mystics rocks, too – but not as much as Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots…)

    Strizzt | 10/04/06 08:31 PM

  8. actually, what u need is an ipod and a cassette adapter.

    soporific | 11/04/06 06:18 PM

  9. Soporific – Heh, I think you’ve told me that before. Or something similar.

    Strizzt | 11/04/06 09:07 PM

  10. i have? no, really…:)

    soporific | 13/04/06 09:22 AM

  11. Soporific – Shows just how often I talk about wanting a CD player for the car. :D

    Strizzt | 13/04/06 07:47 PM

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