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A momentary lapse.

Sometimes, you just have got to make it on your own.

You may volunteer to perform a task that keeps you up for more than 20 hours a day, have you rush through your daily meals and make you go without a good night’s sleep for the ninth consecutive day.

Or when you scour high and low, no matter what the cost, for that perfect gift to be presented to your loved one; for some reason, the pink, heart-shaped pendant with diamonds arranged into some obscure shape, or the colourful, painstakingly-folded paper birds in a jar, might not be enough to pass the test.

Or you could just take to filling up potholes on busy streets, oblivious to city council officials.

But when your efforts go unappreciated most of the time, you really have got to bring up that question that has been swirling about in your mind for the past few days; it reverberates within your skull, and no matter how hard you draw the covers over your head, it just would not go away.

... huh? So you killed a couple of brain cells. Walked around doggedly like a zombie. Cannot tell between night and day. Forgot where you placed your friend’s house keys. Missed an appointment with a potential client.

The gifts failed to impress. The paper birds were not of a decent size – in fact, they were bigger than my fingernail, she complained. And the pendant did not match any of her outfits in her wardrobe. Pink?! she shrieked. And that ugly, dubious shape?!

Then there are fingers pointing back at you, saying that you are a cause for danger, and endangering their lives. Beep! Honk! Bah, public nuisance.

How do we judge, and know for sure that what we have done is well and truly worth it?

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  1. you are ahead of yourself. take a step back and look upon the world with more levity than u normally would reserve it for. You will be surprised how easily the world carries on.

    Nocturnale | 06/04/06 11:47 AM

  2. i am rather alarmed at how easily the world carries on.

    soporific | 06/04/06 12:55 PM

  3. Nocturnale – Well, sometimes if you take a step back, you might be left far behind instead. The trick, I suppose, is to fall into the right pace…

    Soporific – Don’t we all. Ah, the weekend beckons…

    Strizzt | 06/04/06 08:17 PM

  4. I think you desperately need more dark minty chocolates. In fact, let me tell you, the beauty of life is that even though you think you haven’t done truly terrific or worthy job, you can still pamper yourself with some chocolates. Hallelujah. On the other hand, life is never fair. Better get used to it as quickly and painlessly as you can. Sadly, sometimes even chocolates won’t help.

    Shom | 06/04/06 09:18 PM

  5. You are more likely to regret never trying then trying and failing

    Mint | 07/04/06 12:23 AM

  6. Shom – We all know life is never fair, but that doesn’t stop us from complaining about it, eh? :) Mmm, dark, bittersweet, mint chocolates!

    Mint – Heh, those words of encouragement are overused, but… yeah. That’s true.

    Strizzt | 07/04/06 07:46 PM

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