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I think it has taken me about seven long weekends to finish this.

Never did it cross my mind that it would turn out to be such a grueling task, and at times it felt like I was reading a thick history textbook, for my mind wandered ocassionally and no actual content actually lodged successfully into my brain.

Heck, there is only so much of another threat of bottom pinching one can take.

Today, I am relieved that I have finally turned to the last page of this book.

You have no idea how wonderful it is, to be able to stop reading pages upon pages containing labourious and elaborate visuals of people stoically inflicting pain on others, women straightening their skirts for the umpteenth time, men thinking of nothing but bottoms and bosoms…

Then there is the incessant bitching and bickering that seem to plague each and everyone on that realm. Do they not get tired arguing with each other?

I was practically panting in a race of my own, trying to keep track with the many characters that suddenly spring up like mushrooms after the rain – and just as abruptly, they disappeared, forever banished to the corners of the ‘Characters with Names that Utter Only One Line But Gone the Next Because Author Has No Further Use For Them’.

Thanks, I am very confused.


All that fluff could have been condensed and reduced into a book half of its current size. I mean, I have never felt so tired and drained just trying to read a book.


Then again, I probably should also have added that this is the first and only book that I have, to this seemingly-never-ending series. And no, this is not meant to be a stand-alone book. Its wheel grinds to a halt now – for me at least, that is.

Ah, Fitz, Drizzt – how I have missed you both! I need the both of you, and now. I simply have to rid of the unnecessary trauma I had received at the hands of Robert Jordan.

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  1. Why didn’t you stop part way through? Or do you believe that any book started must be finished? Or perhaps you’re just the ever-optimist who believes it must eventually get better in the next chapter?

    It seems you are not alone in your opinion, though I think this thread refers to the series, not just a single volume.

    BTW, I haven’t read any of them, but in a perverse way, your post has encouraged me to try. If I don’t like it, though, I will give up!

    And I’m sorry this huge link spoils the layout of this set of comments.

    Tim Frost | 26/03/06 10:33 AM

  2. no tim! shame on you! spoiling it for the rest of us!

    soporific | 26/03/06 12:19 PM

  3. (Er… by the way, I am reading the 11th book to the Wheel of Time, which is also being marketed as the penultimate to the series. I think I might have purposely neglected to include this piece of information in my entry, heh heh.)

    Tim – Truth be told, I was very tempted to stop reading the book early on – I was not even halfway through, but it was just too draggy and slow for me.

    Apparently, books one to six are quite decent, but the quality sort of went downhill after that. Then again, don’t take my word for it, because I’ve only read one book from the whole series, and well, I had to start with the 11th one. :P

    In any case, I think I would have stopped halfway and probably tried re-reading it at a later time, if not for the fact that I am supposed to write a review for this book…

    Soporific – Heh. You do follow the series, do you not?

    Strizzt | 26/03/06 11:08 PM

  4. I am one of those unfortunate people to have had the ‘priviledge’ of reading the first 10 books of the series.

    Yes, you are right, the first 5 books were quite good. But nothing has ever been as bad as the books after that. I’m one of those who has to finish a series that I start, but book number 10 finally did it for me. So, technically, I’ve read 9 and a half.

    If you’ve only started reading from book 11, you should be thankful. I think the book has only progressed a month or so in timeline since book 7. It has a 101 character threads going all over the place with each character similar to the last. This is probably the worst act of epic storytelling ever conceived. One thing is does do is exaggerate all the conceits of the fantasy genre in one big heap, so hopefully it will stand as a beacon in the future for the line of excess one should not cross.

    One a happier note, the Robin Hobb books you recommended are good. They are the kind of character-driven fantasy Jordan was aiming for initially, but never realized.

    Mint | 27/03/06 08:31 AM

  5. The quote on the back cover reads: “Jordan realized what Tolkien only began.” Or something to that effect. Which is quite true, viewed from another perspective: Tolkien was on the verge of killing us with his language. Jordan killed it, albeit in a different way.

    You should’ve picked up a clue when I didn’t buy it. And to think you bought one yourself! What waste of moolah.

    Wong | 27/03/06 09:52 AM

  6. what’s more, the bloody character’s names all SOUND THE SAME!!!!!

    eyeris | 27/03/06 07:23 PM

  7. Mint – Oh dear! But fret not, you are not alone in this – I’ve been reading reviews about the books, and Jordan seems to be losing quite a number of fans already. He’d have to come up with a powerful ending to the series that will make his fans forgive him… (or maybe that’s part of his strategy to have everyone gear up for the finish line).

    ... what, progressed only a month or so in timeline? All into three or four books? Fluff is going to be my new favourite word soon enough.

    Still, glad you like the books from Hobb. Read them all in the right order for the full Fitzy Fitz experience. :D

    Wong – Well, Tolkien’s language was still bearable for me (it was beautiful in some ways, in fact). And he wouldn’t describe Arwen’s dress for the 2,169th time like Jordan would…

    Eyeris – Argh, they sure do! And if you, who have read all of the books in the series, also have problems with character names, how about those who are just starting to read the series (like me lah, ahem)?

    Strizzt | 27/03/06 08:03 PM

  8. bleeding Aes Sedai names all sound the same, Rand and Perrin are the most BORING lead character EVAR, and the story isn’t going anywhere. Thank goodness for Mat.

    eyeris | 28/03/06 01:47 PM

  9. Eyeris – Yes – as if the names are not weird/unique enough, he has to make them all sound similar, gah!

    For book 11, I definitely enjoyed the exchange between Mat and Tuon. I wouldn’t have believed that Rand is supposed to be the main character, he was so… well, he didn’t make an impression on me at all.

    Strizzt | 28/03/06 11:29 PM

  10. follow some rambling lunatic? i dont think so.
    there’s still murakami i havent read, you know. why bother with some guy who writes books to give himself time to think of ideas?

    soporific | 29/03/06 09:41 AM

  11. Soporific – Well, I haven’t read any of Murakami’s books, so there.

    Ah, poor Robert Jordan.

    Strizzt | 29/03/06 07:35 PM

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