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Sheer simplicity.

I know, it is not entirely your fault. Heck, it could not be mine, either.

But I really do feel like pinning the blame on someone, now.


The writers of television shows, for penning such engrossing stories, infused with drastic developments and characters that you care deeply about?

The television stations for failing to keep us in the loop, airing shows that are now at least two seasons old, leaving us behind time?

The newspapers for not exercising enough discretion, choosing to publish articles heavily laden with spoilers?

Or does it really have to be just me, me, and me – for letting my eyes wander to that particular section, and actually bothering to take in those words printed on paper?

Oh, I got the message all right.

Did it get to me, or did I get to it instead?

Thanks to a random, seemingly harmless article on the newspaper today, I now know how season five to 24 is going to be like. Oh yeah, it sure is going to be a blast.

Although we are still two bloody seasons behind.

Still, the official website is a dead giveaway as well.

Is this a matter of choice?


Playing like a broken record player in my mind.

Relieving those magical moments as if they were yesterday.

Drumming fingers on the table, the keyboard, the steering wheel.

Hitting the repeat button whenever it draws to an end.

Burning with the desire to touch the long-forgotten strings again.

But in time, these will all disappear. In time.

Until then, how long will this wonderful feeling last, I wonder.

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  1. that’s why i make it a point to NEVER read articles or reviews on ANY show or movie that I want to watch, or book I want to read, especially those in local papers or magazines.

    Singaporean movie reviews are especially annoying as well.

    eyeris | 22/03/06 12:20 PM

  2. Eyeris – Sniff… I thought it was just a random article on the state/trend of TV shows today, but the examples cited were dead giveaways, heavy with spoilers. Sigh…

    Strizzt | 22/03/06 07:47 PM

  3. Alternatively, you could download the episodes online. Then, there won’t be a lag.

    Mint | 23/03/06 09:02 AM

  4. mint, you pirate!
    actually, it isn’t a newspaper’s fault for publishing such articles. it’s not like those shows havent already been out for public viewing. and once u get the gist of a story, u should know if its going to have a spoiler.
    for example, if i wrote a commentary on star wars, would plot details be considered spoilers?

    soporific | 23/03/06 10:42 AM

  5. Mint – Heh. Nah, it just doesn’t have the same ‘oomph’ as watching it on TV and being kept at the edge of your seat every week.

    Soporific – No one’s at fault really – I was just in the mood to pin the blame on someone for spoiling my TV pleasure. :P It’s a matter of relativity, I guess.

    Strizzt | 23/03/06 07:48 PM

  6. Ummm … I cannot add anything regarding whether it is bad to publish spoilers, but just want to say nice poetry you have down there in the last 7 lines! _ You should write some songs :D

    Shom | 23/03/06 10:43 PM

  7. Shom – Ack, no, I have never been good at poetry and rhyming. :D I’d love to write songs though – I think deep down we’d all like to be rock stars!

    Strizzt | 24/03/06 09:01 PM

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