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And so it is.


What is this I hear about Damien Rice playing in Singapore, end of this month?




Yoo hoo!

Here, here!

Are we on a map? Did someone inadvertently leave Malaysia out of the globe? Where has my atlas gone to? Have we fallen off the edge of the planet? Are we invisible?

Oh, well. Enough. I do not really have a penchant for travelling, but it is exactly things like these that makes me want to.

Maybe I can do that much later, when I have all the necessary… resources. But I live in the now, and sometimes I just cannot stop thinking about certain things.


Goodness gracious, we will be halfway through the week by tomorrow. Oh, time! Why do you always have to make me feel like I am hanging on precariously to a spinning thread?

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  1. its been explained before, hasnt it? no. well, its like this. sales in m’sia not as high, so assumption is not as many fans, so no bands.

    soporific | 15/03/06 05:44 PM

  2. Soporific – I don’t know… can sales in Singapore really be higher?

    Strizzt | 15/03/06 08:31 PM

  3. its not a matter of can. it simply is. they have less of an incentive to pirate is what.

    soporific | 15/03/06 11:33 PM

  4. hey there,
    what did u think of k.o.c in spore? i thought they were pretty damn neat. shame though the audience were all bloody linkinpark lovin wankers who knows nothin bout the music

    reyhan* | 18/03/06 09:58 PM

  5. Soporific – Ah, didn’t think of that. Hmm. So we’re always going to be left out. Read the article at think.com.my yet?

    Reyhan* – You managed to get tickets? I thought they were awesome. :) Well, the fans that sat near me were quite enthusiastic…

    Strizzt | 19/03/06 08:59 PM

  6. what article?

    soporific | 21/03/06 12:16 AM

  7. Soporific – On why most foreign acts don’t come here.

    Strizzt | 21/03/06 08:12 PM

  8. what a rubbish article.

    soporific | 23/03/06 11:04 AM

  9. Soporific – Awww. :D

    Strizzt | 23/03/06 07:49 PM

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