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You paid him to say that, didn't you?

An hour or two of waiting at tables could be rewarding, although the thought of having to clean up the strawberry jam stains left by an overly-frolicky toddler might just drive you up the nearest wall. The lady in red seated at the secluded area of the room never fails to catch your eye, and you bring her the usual “iced lemon tea, three slices of lemon tops, please” even without her bidding, because she has always been dropping by on Wednesdays for supper, alone.

Or you could be feeling resigned, caught in yet another traffic jam. The metre gives another satisfying click, but your passenger continues to bark instructions into his phone, oblivious. Sooner or later, you are going to know why Helen has yet to prepare the million-dollar proposal for a potential client, or if anyone has managed to get hold of Pak Mat the mechanic. Have it your way, however, you could have kicked him out of the vehicle anyway.

Or you could be fingering your pen anxiously as you looked on at the uncooperative, jaded rock star only nodding and shaking his head to your questions. His assistant appears magically from nowhere and taps her watch repeatedly, mouthing “Five minutes left!”. The rock star turns his head to give the assistant the look – and she scurries off timidly. From the looks of it, there is no way you can cook up a decent cover story for tomorrow’s paper.

And then you go home, drop onto your bed heavily with a sigh, and proceed to write all about it in your journal – online or offline.

Thing is, some people have got some stories to share. Heck. Someone has got to do it, anyway.

That is not to say that you have to be a waiter, cab driver, or reporter, to write some pretty good stuff – but it certainly helps, somehow.

I think I need to get out more, and to master the art of socialising, to which I sorely lack the skills to. Someone has definitely got it wrong there, when they said that Geminis are social butterflies.

In short, I need a life – a more interesting one – not to write about it, but because I always feel like I am missing out on a lot of things. Because everyone else has got better experiences and stories to tell than I do. Because there are things that you cannot buy, and you have to earn them.

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  1. well, what would you do with ur new adventurous lifestyle that would please you more than the current one?

    soporific | 13/03/06 10:58 PM

  2. im a gemini, and im definitely not a social butterfly. :~(

    nerdook | 13/03/06 11:26 PM

  3. You want experiences and stories? There is always the Discovery Channel… last night was about the Khmer rouge. This morning we know that scallops and clams can move. This weekend is about the history of Singapore.

    Ah… the wonder of knowledge… through the tube.

    Wong | 14/03/06 09:26 AM

  4. Soporific – Well, it would make a nice autobiography at least. People’d fall asleep reading mine. It’s not that I want to appear more interesting to others, but more of, well, wanting to gain more experience/knowledge. I don’t know a lot of things, see.

    Nerdook – Oh, you could have fooled me. :P Yeah, the people who did the horoscopes – they are not quite accurate are they? :D

    Wong – That would work if the house has two TVs. :D I’m content enough for now – at least I still get to watch my favourite TV shows because they usually come on at night!

    Strizzt | 14/03/06 07:43 PM

  5. Challenge your fears
    Indulge in what you love
    Study what you abhor
    Talk to strangers
    Pretend you’re a different person
    Imagine if nothing really matters …
    Just some suggestions

    Shom | 15/03/06 08:47 AM

  6. the internet has a wealth of knowledge.

    soporific | 15/03/06 05:44 PM

  7. Shom – Good suggestions, but putting them into play will not be that easy… for me, that is.

    Soporific – Oh yes, it does, but you can’t really experience it, you know.

    Strizzt | 15/03/06 08:33 PM

  8. experience. that’s a different thing, how about trying out the luge:)

    soporific | 15/03/06 11:34 PM

  9. Soporific – Nah, I’ll pass. :D

    Strizzt | 19/03/06 09:00 PM

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