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Business rules. Hah.

Monday. Sluggish, slow, surly. Bite my head off, and I shall bite off yours, too. Bitter coffee and plenty of yawns to go around.

A slight improvement will be in the air come Tuesday. Things are beginning to pick up, but not at full speed. There is still the lethargy, but with it the urgency to keep things in motion as well.

Then, things start moving at a somewhat steadier pace on Wednesday, and it will certainly not do to break the rhythm. Comfortably settled down. On a roll. More or less.

Next comes Thursday. But all we keep thinking of is…

Friday. The atmosphere at the workplace is amazingly different. People find lots more to share in their conversations; some can afford to perform cartwheels and belt out a tune or two, if need be.

But there are times when the days go by a wee bit too quickly, and looming deadlines breathe down your neck. Friday or no Friday, you just want to get the work completed – to get it done and over with – because if it is not, you will then find yourself biting your nails on Saturday and tearing your hair out on Sunday. You just cannot wait to get back to work on Monday, because you need to set things straight by Tuesday, before the editor goes on leave on Wednesday, and the deadline, although set for Thursday, may just be pushed back to a Friday.

Ah, what a damper to the weekend.

And this is what I am trying to avoid, tomorrow.


A rewarding makeover. Forty colourful pages. More content. Compact. Five days.

A minor reshuffle. Smaller fonts. Narrower spaces. eXtra?!! Yes, five days.

One long sigh.

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