Rantglass - because that's how things are.

Count the headlights passing on the road.

Be the 50,000th person and score absolutely nothing.


Yeah. You think so, too?

I suppose I practically make up half of that number.

Yes, I come here every day.

Shows just how big a fan I am of myself, eh?

Hmm, is that what they call narcissism?


Tee hee.

What, what do you mean?

Hey, I do have to pay to keep this place running, you know.

Of course, the numbers may not be all that accurate anyway.

There were all those downtimes. And the fact that this actually started in late 2001.

Nah. It does not really matter, does it?

Perhaps this is your first time here.

Perhaps I am fading away.

Perhaps you were one of the regulars.

Perhaps I am your guilty pleasure.


But you do not even say a hello?


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  1. The numbers looked Photoshopped… lalalala…

    Wong | 08/03/06 08:59 AM

  2. hello… is it me you’re looking for…

    and is there a special prize for being the 50,000th visitor?

    soporific | 08/03/06 10:55 AM

  3. Hello. I was 50005.

    Tim Frost | 08/03/06 11:35 AM

  4. hello! :D

    BTW, lets meet up at KOC. hehe

    eyeris | 08/03/06 12:28 PM

  5. Wong – Nah, the numbers are not Photoshopped – although the screenshot is. :P

    Soporific – Hello! And no, the 50,000th visitor scores absolutely nothing. Want to sponsor something ah. :D

    Tim Frost – Hi. Nice number. :) I wonder who’s the 50,000th…

    Eyeris – Hello! ... Nah, it’s okay – I already know how you look like. Bwahahaha. Ahem. And I think I have a rough idea of where your seat will be at the concert hall – will throw you stuff from Circle 2. :P

    Geez, now I sound like a stalker.

    Strizzt | 08/03/06 08:37 PM

  6. how about my wit and sarcasm for the rest of your life?

    soporific | 09/03/06 04:36 AM

  7. no, i mean seriously. can go yam char first before the show or something. heh

    eyeris | 09/03/06 02:10 PM

  8. Hello. I am not feeling guilty at all. It is just a pleasure reading your blog and you made me discover the Kings of Convenience. So thank you.

    switzy | 09/03/06 06:16 PM

  9. Soporific – Well, I wouldn’t mind – but perhaps the unidentified 50,000th person would. :P

    Eyeris – Sounds good, but my schedule in S’pore is er, somewhat packed – am going to make this a tornado trip, ie take in as much as I can, during my short stay there.

    We’ll meet up the next time Kings of Convenience come to KL. :D

    Switzy – Hey. :) Nah, thank you for dropping by! Glad to know you enjoy their music, too – very slow and laidback, but they do have some good stuff…

    Strizzt | 09/03/06 07:56 PM

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