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Bearably bare.

The aftermath. Pictures, write-ups, chuckles.

Well, if I cannot be there, then I can at least read up on all those reports of how some of the acts rocked, and majorly so, up north in Bangkok; either by strutting smugly onstage, kissing the almighty microphone, and still maintaining the epitome of godly coolness; or by simply launching themselves into a fiery performance that will stick to the minds of those who were there, for a long, long time.

So. That was over and done with.

Now, I am reading and making mental notes of who will be heading down south to Singapore to be part of the Norwegian duo’s audience.

Short of making myself sound like a stalker, I think that yes – I will look out to the crowd from my vantage point at Circle 2 (HAHAHAHAHA – uhm, ahem) and try to spot who’s who. I read a lot, you see.

But hey, it is okay. Tickets are now sold out.

Still, anticipation turns into apprehension. I wonder how this trip is going to be like.


Plenty of unwanted digging done over the weekend. Things now sound annoyingly crisp, sharp, and clear. But both my ears hurt.

Yes, that means I have been living in a somewhat muffled world all this while, and I did not even know it.

How utterly sad.

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  1. You can hear again. Its a miracle!

    Mint | 28/02/06 08:37 AM

  2. At 29m, if you throw a pebble at the duo, you’d be able to hit both of them at the same time! Ha!

    And get some 1GB iPods or Neeon.

    Wonger | 28/02/06 09:32 AM

  3. if you see an extremely skinny guy with slightly longish hair in the crowd, grinning smugly, it’s probably me. Smug, because I’d have INTERVIEWED THEM two days before the show.


    eyeris | 28/02/06 03:23 PM

  4. if you see anyone smuglier than eyeris, it’s probably because that person already had a phoner earlier in the month.

    soporific | 28/02/06 06:53 PM

  5. Mint – Yes! Ahem. But I’m hearing all these new sounds – for example, additional rattles in my car, and it gives me a new cause for worry. :P

    Wonger – Like you pointed out earlier, it probably is not supposed to be 29m. They must have missed an all important zero somewhere… As for the iPods, hmmm!

    Eyeris – Yeah, I’ll throw you something from my vantage point later. Hmph!

    Soporific – Eh, probably that person have always looked smug anyway. :P

    Strizzt | 28/02/06 07:41 PM

  6. SMuglier!!!

    soporific | 02/03/06 12:28 PM

  7. Soporific – Fine, fine. :P But who’s the smugliest?

    Strizzt | 02/03/06 07:30 PM

  8. eirik’s gf, perhaps.

    soporific | 03/03/06 09:53 AM

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