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Clowns, all around.

Oh, boy. These are exciting times, indeed.

And I am missing out on all this. Instead, I am now stuck having to re-read commentaries regarding customs legislation and accounting practices.


I think the real problem at hand that those now-already-six-month-old cartoons brought us, was the fact that it turned our country into a circus.

Suspend this, justify that, apology needed, tempers fly.

Plain amusing, really. Heck, even a picture within a picture is not safe.

Not everything makes sense, that we already know.

Should we ban all satirical content with immediate effect, then?

If Tim Berners Lee were a Malaysian, would he be issued a show cause letter for making it is so easy for millions of people to log on to the Internet, and point the browser to the desired website?

Oh, and Google should not make it all so easy.

You know that there really is a cause for concern, when people are more interested in slapping suspensions and denting rice bowls, than worrying about a killer flu that may claim the lives of many.

Move on? Absolutely. Of course, this will eventually die down. But the damage is irreparable. We could still be the laughing stock of the world.

Everywhere else, people choose to not buy anymore of the butter cookies. Then there are the occasional riots and… display of displeasure towards particular buildings, of course.

And here? We have waged a ‘war’ against ourselves, in our own country. And it is not even our war to begin with.

I think we all seriously need to rethink our priorities.

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  1. if we would care less, in some ways the signigicant impact of issues would past us over pretty quick, and i believe if we keep telling ourselves to move on, we are dwelling into issues rather deeply. somethings are simply meant for others to cater and progress foward with, especially when it comes to national concern, but never for natinal agenda. well…to cut short…true…just move on. =D

    ezwan | 25/02/06 01:00 PM

  2. Ezwan – I’m kind of irked by the fact that the government’s busy rounding up all the suspects and slapping suspensions just to please the people. But aiyoh, isn’t there anything else better to do?

    Strizzt | 26/02/06 11:57 AM

  3. i have no idea what ezwan was trying to say, but all i can say is that there’s not much we can do about the h5n16661188967 virus that we arent already doing.
    unless some m’sian medical scientists think they can come up with the vaccine, all we can do is keep culling and quarantining.

    soporific | 27/02/06 09:15 AM

  4. Google bowed down to the wills of the Chinese government.

    The press is evil – all prone to sensationalism. The little cartoon was in way back September. Nothing happened until it was sensationalized. But of course, the other hand that clapped was the fundamentalists who jumped at whatever the West did.

    Is there a need to show cause for the show cause letter?

    Wonger | 27/02/06 09:47 AM

  5. Soporific – Yes, yes. Anything but rounding up the suspects and the suspensions! I hope the issue has died down a little.

    Wonger – They’re not all evil – although yes, a good piece of news sells. Crazy, isn’t it – it took 6 months for us here to kick up such a ruckus – while everyone else in the world try to put this behind them.

    Strizzt | 27/02/06 07:41 PM

  6. Technically, the ruckus here wasn’t the worst but thats not much of a consolation

    Mint | 28/02/06 08:35 AM

  7. google bowed down to making more money.

    soporific | 28/02/06 06:56 PM

  8. Mint – Yep, at least it has been relatively er, peaceful here… but no less amusing.

    Soporific – Ah, but it’s… money!

    Strizzt | 28/02/06 07:43 PM

  9. that’s exactly what i’m saying. ain’t no shame if you’re honest about it.

    soporific | 02/03/06 12:29 PM

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