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Feels really strange to hear of such rare natural disasters hitting that close to home – and in a supposedly disaster-free zone. Then again, with a number so high registered for the earthquake (8.9 in magnitude), there will, unfortunately, be after effects that will further set things in motion. As such, bad news will be imminent.

Weirdly enough, the fatal tsunami that subsequently occurred took more lives than the earthquake itself, leading to death figures rising in Sri Lanka. To have it all happen only hours after a joyous day of celebration is a real downer.

Other notes regarding the earthquake:
- the world’s fifth most powerful (in 1960: 9.5 earthquake in magnitude struck in Chile)
- quakes reaching a magnitude of 8 are very rare
- aftershocks registered in the magnitude 7 range
- apparently “all the planet is vibrating”, and that it also disturbed the Earth’s rotation (AP News)
- quake was energy released from a “a very large rupture in the earth’s crust” over 600 miles (1,000 km) long (CNN.com)

For now, I think we can only hope and pray that there will not be any other strong aftershocks that will further escalate the death toll.

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