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Black fossil.

Too sensitie? Right. But some of the keys are a bit… hard to press, too. Yeeeah.

Let us see. The backspace key has shrunk. But you know what they say – size does not matter. I hae to ve careful while pressing this monster of a button because it laps up all m preious letters like a hungry piranha.

The right Shift key occupies a space that could have taken three keys instead.

I press on the letter “A” once and out comes a long string of “A”s.

Then I press on the letter “” once and nothing comes out. Oh, I meant the letter “V”. Bloody hell. Vvvvvvvvvvvv, damn it! And I hae just discovered that the same goes with the letter “Y” too.

I also get double spacing sometimes, whether I want to, or not.

And heck. I am talking about the new keyboard I bought just yesterday, and it costtt me RM18. After a supposed RM4 discount at that, too:

The salesperson waas sorting through the boxes, trying to find a keyboard that would suit my needs. He took out a black one and I raised an eyebroww.

“No white colour ah?”

“This is the only keyboard that we haae that works on the PS/2 port.”

Fine, so eeryoneee loes to make use of their USSB ports these days, I guess. I glanced at the price tag.

“What, don’t they go for RM10 anymore?” I asked hiiiim.

“Where got keyboards so cheap these days?” was his reply. I was busy running my fingers through the keys (and liking the feel to it) – so I may not have noticed if he rolled his eyes then.

Perhaps I should just go back to using the dirty, grimy keyboarddd that – although with its magical “sticky” keys that have to be “pulled out” eery once in a while, whenever it gets stuck – it has seen me well through most of my days.

Right, now I feel like an old fogey.

(Yes, I blame all the errors you may found on this entry solely on this new keyboard. So there.)

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  1. Oh … about the cat. I would love to have one, but I think I wouldn’t have enough time to love it. :( Btw … sounds like you better get another new keyboard because your current new ones sounds terrible! What good use is any keyboard if it makes you mistype?

    Shom Teoh | 07/02/06 07:48 PM

  2. Shom Teoh – I think the cat has already found a new home. It’s been missing for a week now… :/

    And I’ll make sure that my next new keyboard works well, hmph!

    Strizzt | 07/02/06 08:29 PM

  3. Another one?
    Which shop do you always go to?
    Been hearing you… complain about keyboard since last year. (Or last few years? :P )
    Hope you will manage to get a suitable keyboard soon.
    Will visit you once I get back to KL.

    Happy New Year

    Jane | 08/02/06 03:26 AM

  4. You can go to your Control Panel and change the character repeat settings under ‘Keyboard’

    Mint | 08/02/06 09:27 AM

  5. Jane – Yeah, I always complain about my previous keyboard. This new one is worse!

    Still enjoying your holidays at home eh? Happy new year to you too!

    Mint – Ooh, that’s a new tip. But but… how about the keys that don’t come out with anything when pressed? :/

    Strizzt | 08/02/06 08:13 PM

  6. That probably just means the keyboard is faulty. If nothing comes out, you should try to get the shop to change it.

    Mint | 09/02/06 08:54 AM

  7. if u need a keyboard to fit ur ps/2 port (i cant imagine why, since most pcs come with plenty of usb ports now), u can always just purchase a usb-ps2 converter. it’s a small and cheap little thingy.

    soporific | 09/02/06 11:00 AM

  8. Mint – It’s just that the keys are less sensitive than they should be, I think. Hrrrm.

    Soporific – Uhm, I don’t have enough USB ports. I bought the USB slot extension thingy (so that I will have more USB ports), but my PC doesn’t let me install any hardware now, so. Gah.

    Strizzt | 09/02/06 07:22 PM

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