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Take the easy way.

Then he took off his shirt, drew a breath, and attempted a decent bodybuilder-like pose. He then walked under the thin sheet of waterfalls – eliciting squeals from the highly-attentive audience – and pranced about onstage like a model with many years of experience.

The ladies continued to cheer, now probably delirious.

I laughed, then pressed on a button on the remote control for something more… sane.

There are beauty pageants – for the World, the Earth, the Universe.

But I cannot quite figure out why is it just not the same when the contestants are made up by members of the other gender.

Different, yes. But not in any way should it be considered out of this world, really.

We have become so accustomed to certain things, the brain is somewhat tickled to have to compute and process something that is similar in kind, but not quite.

It is almost like having a female with scratchy vocals, heavy eyeliner, and an old, fiery red Fender Stratocaster hanging off her slender shoulders, fronting a rock band – which often gives budding fans a more solid reason to worship the group.


Not a day goes by without anyone stumbling upon this unhelpful place via the almighty Google, while searching for tickets for the Norwegian duo’s show down south. My apologies; I am afraid that I cannot be of any help, save for one piece of advice: erase all thoughts of getting tickets via the online booking system – instead, go get them (if there are any left), directly from the ticketing outlets.

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