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I have been feeling particularly lazy these days. Blame it on the weather – it was so hot and sunny, we could have had a sauna right out at the garden itself.

Plus, out of the blue, a cat seemed to have adopted us (yes, instead of the other way round), choosing to make our porch his home. If you are looking to experience the… joy of having a pet, feel free to take this one. Should I, like, hang a signboard somewhere?

Friendly black cat with white paws and chest, and a small, white diamond shape on its nose – a la illustrations I have seen of the horse Black Beauty. Uhm. Male, extremely clingy, and possibly less than a year old. Above all, he is not your average stray cat – he has rather longish fur and a half-bushy tail…

Blimey, I must be the worst classifieds writer in the planet. Thankfully, that is not what I do for a living.


You see, I have yet to recover from my previous heartbreak. Go ahead, you can call me a coward – but I cannot bring myself to have another one again. I just cannot afford to.


Family gatherings this year did not turn out that bad, after all. Apart from smiling away at the regular questions and having to update every member of the extended family on details of the on-goings of my life (“Eh? What is there in Cyberjaya?”), nothing much of significance has happened. At least the questions were mostly about the nature of my job, and not the “Got boyfriend already?” types, which led me to write the previous entry.

I have probably been influenced by those television commercials come festive seasons, where everyone wears bright smiles, is as colourfully attired as an ang pow packet, and has no qualms about picking the biggest piece of abalone off the dish on a lazy Susan.

Things look so darn perfect in celluloid. Not all the time, though. Not all the time. But still.

Oh, damn it. I really should have taken the whole of this week off from work.

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  1. Darn it for me too. I also wished I had the whole week off. I have to get back to work on THursday…. Argh. By the way, I used to have a cat which ‘adopted’ our house also. But it also used to pee at our car’s tyres.. just to mark its territory. Otherwise it was pretty cute. :D

    Shom | 30/01/06 11:50 PM

  2. i’ll be in the office tmr, thank you very much.

    soporific | 31/01/06 12:18 AM

  3. Shom – Back to work on Thursday it is, for us both. Sniff. And oh, do you want this cat? :P

    Soporific – Well, I think you’ve taken quite a lot of days off – mostly for your vacations, no? :D

    Strizzt | 31/01/06 11:08 AM

  4. Hey, actually I do want a cat. And I like a clingy cat rather than one which just goes off as it pleases and comes back only for food. But how do I get the cat? And … will it like my house? :D

    Shom Teoh | 02/02/06 02:56 PM

  5. Shom Teoh – Ah… yeah, this one’s kind of clingy. He seems to be sorely in need of company. :D

    Well, you’ll have to come and pick him up if you’re serious about having him. The cat will need time to adjust to living at your place, I think. Only drawback is er, he needs a shower.

    Strizzt | 02/02/06 06:53 PM

  6. you’re talking as if you won’t be able to take leave.

    soporific | 06/02/06 03:38 PM

  7. Soporific – Pro rata leave mah.

    Strizzt | 06/02/06 08:54 PM

  8. are you saying i dont deserve my leave?

    soporific | 09/02/06 11:01 AM

  9. Soporific – Eh? No, I’m saying that I now can take only 1.5 days off.

    Strizzt | 09/02/06 07:27 PM

  10. who ask u jump jobs…

    soporific | 24/02/06 10:59 AM

  11. Soporific – Better pay mar.

    Strizzt | 24/02/06 08:55 PM

  12. well, you cant have it all you know.

    soporific | 27/02/06 09:17 AM

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