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Ah, the disjointedness of it all.

So the past week has been rather insane. Oh, the workload; it was as though I was expected to turn into a superwoman, reading incomprehensible words and jargons onscreen so fast, it seemed to me that my eyeballs were attempting to catch a rocket to the moon.

I hate having to play the waiting game. This has yet to end, that I am sure. Tomorrow, when I head back to work, all sorts of problems are going to rain down on me, again. Whenever this happens, I wonder if I am well and truly cut out for all this.

Hey, I am only 22 lah. Tis not the time to get all worked up about… work, really. I have always thought that the hassles and headaches would fit in better with those in managerial or supervisory positions – they do get paid handsomely for that, do they not? Me, I am just a lowly being not even halfway up the ladder.

Then I hear news of people who are either still bumming about after university, or changing jobs for the third or fourth time, jumping from design to… banking services.

Eh? Suddenly, the decisions I have made in relation to my “career” in the past eight months pales in comparison.

In any case, I think the confirmation letter came at the wrong time, too. Such an inappropriate time to feel tied down to this place, eh.

Then it hit me – it has been three months. Three. Time just keeps moving on, man.

Have I sprouted another few strands of grey hair (not that I have ever come across any)? I do know that stress and anxiety has messed up my system. Badly. Because I hardly feel like myself sometimes.

(As you no doubt have guessed, yes – I myself have also yet to fully recover from the sudden busyness of work. This is a massive brain drain I am experiencing – the implications of this is simply horrendous.)


Tickets to the Norwegian duo’s gig in Singapore are now sold out. Phwoar. There goes my initial intention to score better seats.

But this trip-planning thing is not working out well; there are simply too many decisions to be made. Again, if only I could step onto a multi-coloured platform and be magically transported there in a blink of an eye and back again, without having to worry about accommodation and whatnots…


Ooh, yippee yay. username.livejournal.com, now.

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