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It could've been time.

There must be a reason why she chose to pop twenty white pills into her mouth.

There must be a reason why she did a flying leap off the balcony of her apartment, in a country many miles away from home.

Or are the reasons merely excuses?

The rich do it. Teenagers do it. Love-lorn ones do it.

Surrender. It seems so easy, really. Just a slit on the wrist, and… who knows where will you be next.

Actually, these are the things that you can see and read about in the newspapers, then go tsk tsk as conspiracy theories and gossips abound, before moving on to the next page. Or in prime-time soap operas; you grip the chair tightly, a box of tissues by your side, as the scene unfolds before you.

The truth is often times veiled, the mystery sometimes unsolved.

Speculations. Questions. Buts. Guesses. Whys.

Well, this is a time as good as any to reaffirm the notion that we are someone else, to someone else.

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