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Ticks and nicks.

“Hi! I am down at the lobby. Could you come down and…”

“No, no. Come up!”

“Er, can I not do that? I think I need a paper bag to cover…”


Darn it.

And so it was, that I had to gather up my courage to head up and greet the faces of my former colleagues.

Oh, boy. The interiors of the previous workplace has changed so much since my departure three months ago. For a while, I thought I had even missed the main entrance. I stepped in cautiously, and all eyes were focused on me, looks of recognition registering on their faces.

It was really a daunting task, as someone put it, “having to be the centre of attention”. Wink.

“Ah, so you have to wear that now,” they pointed to the visitor tag I had pinned onto my shirt.

I made my rounds, saying hi to the kind people I have left behind. Naturally, questions regarding the new workplace rained down on me. Still, there was plenty of catching-up to do, and it turned out to be an afternoon well-spent.

Suddenly, the visit did not turn out to be as bad as I thought.

“Oh, and thanks for that little souvenir you gave us,” one staff member said.

“I hope it hasn’t found its way to the dustbin,” I teased.

“Hey, see – I stuck mine here,” Big Boss quipped from behind his desk. I wheeled around, and sure enough – the familiar, hand-made plasticky thing that I had made for him as a token of gratitude, was stuck on one corner of his monitor.

“Aieeeeee!” I squealed, not knowing what to say to that.


Sigh… I should not have waited to get the concert tickets. They went on sale two days ago, and now I believe I have got the worst seats on the planet – suffice to say, the Norwegian duo are going to appear like ants to me, what with the stage such a distance away – approximately 29 metres, in fact. I hope the concert hall has a decent sound system.

Plus, I have one extra ticket at the moment, because I do not yet have anyone to go with. Sniff.

This bloody spontaneity is going to cost me. Now, if they announce that they are going to come to Kuala Lumpur… (makes strangling sounds)

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  1. so u bought 2 tickets without knowing if anyone was going with you? hell, i’ll go, hehe.

    and so fast the best tickets sold out?

    soporific | 15/01/06 01:32 AM

  2. Soporific – Yeah, I don’t think I’m game enough to venture into Singapore by myself. :P

    I’m not sure if the tickets are really selling like hot cakes, or if the online reservation thing just would not want to “let the system assign the best seats” to me. Word has it that the band is quite big among the working crowd in Singapore, though…

    Strizzt | 15/01/06 11:24 AM

  3. The Esplanade is open air! And it’s next to the waterfront. Music will be accompanied by great sounds of water lapping on the rocks. And the stars as your roof! Wow. What an ambience!

    Oh, and a little blue bird told me that there’s gonna be some sort of short ‘Meet the Fans’ session in KLCC for them. You wanna just ‘transfer’ the tickets to me? Hmm?

    Wonger | 16/01/06 10:14 AM

  4. You’re not the only one disappointed in their seat allocation:


    Tim Frost | 16/01/06 11:02 AM

  5. Extra tickets are never a problem. Even I would go :P
    Heck, if you brought it up, I think you will soon get many affirmative replies, both on your blog here or anyone else you would have hinted to in real life.

    Mint | 16/01/06 12:15 PM

  6. Wonger – The concert hall is not open air, although I do like the idea of being under the stars. :P

    And what little blue bird told you that piece of news?! Bahhhhhh.

    Tim Frost – I’ve heard that reserving the tickets by calling the hotline gives a much better seating arrangement than getting the seats off the Internet. Sigh…

    Mint – Extra tickets are not a problem, but having to travel to another country is. ;) Wah, suddenly I feel like I’m asking people out on dates. :D

    Strizzt | 16/01/06 10:52 PM

  7. Seems like ages since I last went to a concert. Enjoy yourself.

    Your post reminds me, I have to go and visit some of the places that I have worked at and say Hi to the people still there.

    BTW, love your new layout.

    Adam | 17/01/06 10:00 AM

  8. no, seriously, i’ll go with you!

    soporific | 17/01/06 07:11 PM

  9. Adam – Yeah, it’s actually a good idea to meet up with ex-colleagues. :)

    Soporific – What, you’re already going to Singapore in February! But I’ll put you in the waiting list lah. :D

    Strizzt | 17/01/06 08:15 PM

  10. just bump into yr blog thru google as i am searching (hopelessly + randomly) for any available koc-in-spore tickets. (been to www.sistic.com.sg/ sold out)

    well. hi. i’m frm bangkok, thailand.
    i booked flight already but too late to buy concert ticket.
    i badly want to see the show.
    any advice?

    tks anyway.

    tern | 23/01/06 05:52 PM

  11. Tern – Yeah, I think the tickets for the Singapore show are all sold out – I don’t know anyone from Singapore, so I don’t think I can get anyone there to buy you a ticket…

    But I heard that Kings of Convenience will be going to Indonesia for a show as well on March 18. You might want to try your luck there? :)

    And just in case, for any new developments regarding them being in Asia (goodness knows, maybe they say they’re going to Bangkok next!) you can drop by http://forums.kingsofconvenience.com

    Strizzt | 23/01/06 08:52 PM

  12. cant help to notice tour site when googling for kings of convenience “sold out” singapore show. So just dropped by now to tell you that tickets have become AVAILABLE again today but allegedly limited. Adrenaline pumping, i rushed to buy one today from the internet only to find out a few hours later that a better seat was available. Retarded sistic bastards. so any of u thinking of getting tickets go ahead as there are a few seats available (i had a glance at the seat planning at the sistic agent and counted probably 10 seats left in the stalls section)

    p.s i live in k.l so i know how u feel about getting crappy seats

    reyhan* | 26/01/06 09:51 PM

  13. Reyhan* – Argh! This must be some sort of marketing gimmick! Looks like we’ve learned our lessons, huh? :( Well, I hope you’ve got a better seat than me. I’m at Circle 2, damn it.

    The seats that are available now are way, way, better! Can I like, strangle someone already?!

    Strizzt | 27/01/06 06:57 PM

  14. maybe sistic is just fucking malaysians. wouldnt be surprised.

    soporific | 28/01/06 12:21 AM

  15. yeah i felt like dropping some shitbombs on the sistic headquarters. i got mine in the stalls, actually its not that bad, its in row L but towards the right side a little. The seats that were available a few hours later were dead centre in row J, i guess u can even make eye contact with erlend and eric if u were sitting there! i checked again this morning and there were seats available in row B, thats like spitting distance to the stage!! yep sistic could be malaysians, or they could even be neanderthals for all i care.

    reyhan* | 28/01/06 04:39 AM

  16. Soporific – Warghh… well, this is my first time getting tickets online. Have you ever had such an experience?

    Reyhan* – At least you got the stalls! Come here, let me strangle you – you’re in KL, right? :P

    Now I’m heavily contemplating scoring better seats instead. Now, what to do with the tickets that I already have…

    Strizzt | 28/01/06 10:38 AM

  17. hahauha yeah i guess my luck’s better than yours. i was actually hoping to see electrolab session with erlend but the tickets for that went out in a flash (or have they???????)

    reyhan* | 28/01/06 10:54 AM

  18. Reyhan* – Not sure, can’t seem to find anyway to book tickets for the Electrolab gig. But I don’t mind forgoing that though. :P

    Just need to let this out:


    Strizzt | 28/01/06 12:10 PM

  19. SOUNDSHINE 2006

    Saturday, 18 Maret 2006

    Upper Room 12th FL
    Hotel Nikko Jakarta

    Kings Of Convenience
    White Shoes And The Couples Company

    for more information :
    Jl. Dr Setiabudhi.. 56
    Bandung 40141
    Ph/Fx. 022 2032740

    Jl. Brawijaya XII no. 1
    Jakarta Selatan 12160

    ying | 11/02/06 10:27 AM

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