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It is one of the things that I fear would take place whenever there is no one else at home. Yeah, besides being knocked unconscious on the back of my head by an unknown assailant, and returning to an empty house because thieves had carted away almost everything in sight.

A power failure. At night.

I know I am afraid of the dark; I just did not know how ‘bad’ this presumably mild case of phobia is. Yesterday’s blackout was the most intense and grueling one I have ever had to go through, for no reason other than the fact that I had no one else but myself to turn to.

Perhaps I should have been fascinated by the inky blackness of the whole house, which was enveloped in absolute darkness then. Instead, I gradually succumbed to the foe – the foe that was my own sorry self.

Yes, my mind was my worst enemy – I was conjuring all sorts of murky pictures in my head, imagining things that were not there, greeting with immense suspicion every sound that reached my ears. Sitting at the edge of the sofa with (increasingly) decreased visibility, the only lights that came were from passing cars, throwing sinister shadows on the walls. Unidentified cracks and sudden snaps in the air made me jump.

Plus, you know the drill: the more you wish for something, the more it eludes you. The power supply seemed to be taking its own sweet time to turn on the lights again.

I could not stand it anymore, so… I seeked refuge in my car. Thankfully, the moon kept me company for a while, and the mosquitos mercifully chose not to feast on me. Things appeared brighter and somewhat friendlier outside. In fact, I even contemplated spending the night in the car, but the thought of going to work the next day with a sore neck and aching body deterred me from doing so:-

“You look awful today. Whatever happened to you?”

“Yeah, I slept in the car.”

“Why, you got kicked out of the house?”

“No, I was, er, afraid of the dark. Power failure, you see.”

“... Oh.” Snicker.

Why would anyone want to sleep in a car anyway, when you have the comfort of your own bed, in your own room?

But you know, heading back into the house was the hardest thing I had to do during the four-hour ordeal. I could do without the extra anxiety and undue stress, really. Sigh.

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  1. You baby!

    But, of course, without your vivid, and maybe morbid, imagination, you wouldn’t have such an interesting blog. And there wouldn’t be that Nanowrimo novel, that we might someday get a chance to read.

    Were the phone systems affected too? You could have had some comforting chats with your friends from time to time.

    Is today’s “Sightings” picture part of a guessing game? If so, my (vivid and morbid) interpretation is that you took a view of the rain-splattered windscreen of your car while you were sitting inside it. You wanted to capture as much evidence as possible of any shifty characters wandering around your house, but you ended up with an eclipse-like image of the headlight of an approaching car. Perhaps it was just the less threatening moon.

    Tim Frost | 12/01/06 05:42 AM

  2. That is quite a severe case of darkness phobia you have there. Does that mean you sleep with the lights on?

    Mint | 12/01/06 08:54 AM

  3. No power = no TV! horrified
    No power = no PC! faints
    No power = no fan/AC! drops dead

    Otherwise, no power = early slumberland blissful

    Wonger | 12/01/06 09:58 AM

  4. wonger for guys when there’s no power failure we still wont drop dead cos we can take off our shirts but for girls would be harder. :)

    nick | 12/01/06 10:55 AM

  5. Tim Frost – Yikes! My Nanowrimo is er… 95% complete, but I’ll go back to working on it next time, heh heh.

    I’m not the chatty type, so a phone conversation would not have done me much good, really.

    Regarding the ‘Sightings’ picture, you were pretty close. :D That was a picture I took using the camera of my new cellphone, so you can see how bad it is, quality-wise (1.3 megapixels). It is actually the cover of the thermos/flask I use at work – I found the tiny drops of water fascinating, much like how dewdrops are seen on leaves during a cool morning. But I didn’t have a good camera to document it. Sigh…

    Mint – Oh dear… do you really think it’s a severe case of phobia that I have? But yes: I do sleep with the bathroom lights on. I don’t like (or am I afraid?) being in pitch-black darkness…

    Wonger – Oi, sleeping in complete darkness was far from blissful! :P

    Nick – Cheh. Besides, in the dark you won’t be able to see anything. Ahem. :P

    Strizzt | 12/01/06 09:41 PM

  6. Hmm… quite unrelated but just wanted to ask.
    Are you interested to do professional photography jobs on a freelance basis?

    Mint | 13/01/06 09:18 AM

  7. You didn’t have candles? Or any other source of light? And where were everybody else during that time?

    Ali | 13/01/06 06:13 PM

  8. Mint – Er… I don’t think I’m quite qualified enough to do ‘professional photography’. I can give you a few names though… I can email them to you if you like (but I don’t know them personally).

    Ali – I have a small, pathetic, dim torchlight. :D My parents were overseas.

    Strizzt | 13/01/06 08:35 PM

  9. Mint, do u really need ‘professionals’? i’m sure there are many amongst your circle who do a decent enough job.

    soporific | 15/01/06 01:34 AM

  10. Its ok. Just asking

    Mint | 15/01/06 01:20 PM

  11. heck, i’ll do it. and hey, didn’t you want a freelnce copywriter too?

    soporific | 17/01/06 07:13 PM

  12. Hah. Aren’t you guys supposed to be from FOE? :P

    Strizzt | 17/01/06 08:12 PM

  13. yeah, so what about being from FOE?

    soporific | 19/01/06 03:48 PM

  14. Ayooo…...Dear Strizzt …
    Can you please give me a call if the similar situation happens again. For sure I will pay you a visit even it is late night. (If I’m not outstation of course. hehehe…)
    Understand that you are too good and never like to trouble anyone.
    But for me, it is not considered as troubling. On top of that, I am very happy to accompany.
    Okey? :)

    Jane | 22/01/06 04:09 AM

  15. Jane – No lah. Don’t want to bother you unnecessarily over simple things like these. And why are you awake at 4am?! Go to sleep!

    Strizzt | 22/01/06 07:09 PM

  16. oi, dont dodge the FOE thing!

    soporific | 22/01/06 10:26 PM

  17. Soporific – Er… nothing, nothing. :P It was kind of strange to see engineering dudes discussing design/media/photography.

    What is Mint doing? Did we all get jobs different from what we studied? :o

    Strizzt | 23/01/06 08:55 PM

  18. well, he could answer u himself, but he is doing something related to his field.

    anyway, strizzt, it’s only strange when u hold to archaic stereotypes. admittedly though, our university was full of these archetypes.

    soporific | 24/01/06 05:10 PM

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