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Fumbling to make contact.

Fumbling to make contact.

So let us just try to go back to our regular programming schedule.


Well, I try to, but it just feels weird. Closing one eye to this issue does not diminish the seriousness of the situation – how does it feel like, to know that more than forty thousand people had departed in more or less during the same time? I know not of any mode of transportation that will be able to fit in that many people at one time. Reading of other relatively happier materials right now seems to denote some sort of ignorance or disrespect.

Still, we have to move on. People drag themselves to work. Students shuffle all the way to the classrooms. It is almost the only topic of conversation that most of us could come up with. Life seems to go on almost like any other day for now, but there is always that black cloud that seems to loom overhead indefinitely.

The newspapers, I think, are still running those sad stories, accompanied by equally heart-wrenching pictures, and pledges for donation. The list of victims increase each day, and the local blogging world is abuzz as we try to ensure that everyone else to everyone else is safe.

Then you get a news item like this that makes your heart skip a beat and go: “Man, so they are just like any other normal people out there.” However, worry not for this piece of news will make you heave a relieved sigh, somewhat. It caught my eye because he was almost the golden Seraph in the green-coded world.

So is this an undesirable way to end the year 2004, or is this a bad start to the year 2005? Either way, the answer is still the same.

You know, I just want to feel safe.

Lately, that has become too much to ask for.

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