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“Hey, are you at work?” The voice at the other end of the line asked.


“Busy ah?”

“Not busy, but I have stuff to do lah...”

“Eh? Why are you whispering?”

“No, I’m not!” I retorted, a bit too loud for my liking. Alarmed, I sneaked a quick glance over the walls of my cubicle and was glad that most of my colleagues were already away for lunch.

I was not sure if I was trying to prove the caller wrong, or that it did come as a surprise that I had, indeed, been talking in a whispered tone through the phone. One possible reason, I suppose, is the fact that my current workplace could get annoyingly quiet at times – a far cry from the previous workplace, where phones constantly ring off their hooks, bosses bark instructions to keep everyone on their toes, and the regular rundown of the day’s news keeps repeating from the television behind me.

Besides, I try to keep my phone conversations private – so I guess it is a relief that I can even count, with the fingers on only one hand, the number of times my phone rings in a week.

One thing I have always found funny, however, is when people with music blaring into their ears through their headphones are unaware of the… unexpectedly high volume of their voices.

“What do you want to order?”


“Read my lips: what do you want to have for dinner?”


Actually, I think I have been guilty of doing that to my then-roommates during my university days, too.

So let us be thankful that we can still hear, while we can. Whether we actually listen, I am afraid, will be another matter altogether.

I will go dumb-ify myself later with Harold and Kumar. Believe it or not, they are going to Amsterdam next.

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  1. I once called your colleague and she also spoke in a very restrained hushed tone. So I guess .. it does show. Your workplace is very quiet. :D

    Shom Teoh | 09/01/06 12:08 AM

  2. Shom Teoh – Oh dear. See, the workplace is such an unexciting place. Sigh…

    Strizzt | 09/01/06 07:46 PM

  3. Haha! You actually called me ‘Shom Teoh’. Somehow I find that funny. :D You are really a very principled person.

    Shom | 09/01/06 09:22 PM

  4. Shom – Heh. I was only following what you put as your name. :D

    Strizzt | 09/01/06 09:35 PM

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