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Everything looks normal. The towel hung haphazardly on its rail. Water slowly dripping from the faucet no matter how hard you try to turn it off. The green tea toothpaste with the weird taste that makes you feel as though you are chewing grass in your mouth.

Yet, you cannot quite put a stop to this sudden, nagging feeling – then it suddenly dawns on you. It seems that you have been brushing your teeth for the fifth time that morning.

Upon the realisation, you wake up, run a hand through your hair furiously, and drag yourself to the washroom…

And wake up in your bed, again. You swing a quick look at the clock, promptly mutter a curse, then throw off the warm covers, aiming to get a good splash of cold water onto your face.

And wake up in your bed, again.

All this dreaming of waking up – it is like some sort of annoying cycle that prevents the brain from getting itself into proper working order for a brand new day.

As always, the thing with dreams is that, sometimes you can never be aware that you are still in that state – until, understandably, you are a wee bit too late.

At least now, I do not need to catch the school bus. Hah.


Oh dear. I am really contemplating heading down south for the music festival (although I cannot shake off the idea that the performance is going to be akin to an orchestra’s), diligently googling up hotels near the durian-ish Esplanade (and finding only RM400+ per night ones; screaming bloody murder now). What is wrong with me?

If the band of the month for both November and December was Wilco, now January belongs to Broken Social Scene. Cannot stop self from repeating the playlist. Help.

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  1. Oh yeah, I know what you mean, Once I dreamt of waking up, getting ready for work, drove and actually went to work that when I finally woke up, I was confused. It’s like, ‘why am I still here? I thought I was at work?’
    Funny how realistic dreams can be.
    Green codes all over.

    Ali | 06/01/06 01:05 AM

  2. The Singapore MRT trains are quite convenient. You don’t have to stay in a hotel in an expensive part of town.


    Tim Frost | 06/01/06 04:33 AM

  3. Ali – Hmm. Ever experienced knowing that you’re dreaming when… you’re dreaming?

    Tim – Yep, way more accessible than our LRTs here, I believe. Was thinking of getting a hotel near the Esplanade (where the concert is) just so I wouldn’t need to have to worry about hunting for the venue anyway.

    Thanks for the link. ;)

    Strizzt | 06/01/06 08:13 PM

  4. nevermind the mosaic, you could have it so much better without going to bangkok, thanks to this – http://www.sistic.com.sg/SOPApp/SOPPortal/portal_proxy?uri==U409!E=A@fsy1LqHMgtx=RP2ILoFd95OAwsJFM. and as for a roof over your head, there are countless hostels around, for eg, the bugis backpackers, at sgd20 per night.

    so spare a thought for the people who already signed up for bangkok.

    soporific | 07/01/06 12:38 AM

  5. Soporific – But the Bangkok festival seems to be more, er, value for money. More acts to see with the same amount of money.

    Could be worse, like... booked tickets and accommodation, then finding out that they're coming to Malaysia after all. Heh.

    Plus, Franz Ferdinand is in Singapore a month earlier than Kings of Convenience. Eeesh.

    Strizzt | 07/01/06 11:02 AM

  6. well, yeah, but to travel to bangkok costs way more than to singapore.
    think about it, best ticket + bus + one night stay at backpackers = rm350
    first day at bkk fest + flights + one night stay = rm1000++

    soporific | 08/01/06 12:01 PM

  7. Soporific – Ooh. Well, you gotta make the best out of that trip, then… but Franz Ferdinand! Oasis! Snow Patrol! 100% confirmed! Are you going for both days?

    Strizzt | 08/01/06 09:00 PM

  8. no, i’ve watched snow patrol b4, and i dont really care for stereophonics.

    soporific | 10/01/06 01:56 PM

  9. Soporific – Ah. Well, I reckon you’re gonna have a great time anyway. :) Going for the Singapore one too eh?

    Strizzt | 10/01/06 11:56 PM

  10. uhh, yeah:)

    soporific | 15/01/06 01:35 AM

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