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That was it. No more blissful three-day weekends (not for a time, anyway). Back to the mad traffic rush, with screaming kids in school buses and frantic parents trying to get to work in time.

I still dream of being back at school sometimes. I keep missing the school bus; sweeping the dusty floors of the classroom; adjusting the annoying tie around my neck for the daily school assembly, and being the only one doing that because, as it turns out, I was unaware that assembly had been cancelled due to unspecified reasons. Oh, and not to mention seeing your former classmates once again in all their adolescent glory.

What if there has always been three days to weekends? Nine days to a week? Thirty-six hours to a day? Ninety minutes to an hour?

In fact, what makes a Sunday, a Sunday? Why cannot Tuesday be a Thursday, or a Nesweday or Nomday for that matter? Why the long Wednesday, creating trouble with its proper pronunciation? That was not quite what we learned back in school, was it not?

Well, yesterday was a bit strange. Monday felt so much like a Sunday, despite the fact that the brain registered otherwise. That brought a mild gloom to the holiday cheer somewhat, because, inevitably, the ‘in’ tray on your workstation beckons.

Still, there was this distinct hint of lethargy, of a certain idleness normally associated with that particular day, drifting in the air for the whole of yesterday.

Suddenly, being lazy did not seem so bad after all.

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  1. Wednesday. Whenesdaee.. hmm..

    Ali | 04/01/06 02:29 AM

  2. I think there’s another holiday next week on Tuesday. So, if you were to take one day off, you will get a 4-day weekend

    Mint | 04/01/06 08:42 AM

  3. Just like the months of the year, there’s a reason why the days of the week were named so. And obviously, seven days of the week has a Semitic origin.
    For eg, wednesday comes from the Old English Wodnesdæg meaning the day of the Germanic god Woden. Also the old German name for it is Wodanstag, now replaced by Mittwoch (literally midweek).

    soporific | 04/01/06 09:33 AM

  4. Ali – I’ve been saying Wed-nes-day for a few years now. :/

    Mint – Heh. Qualifies lesser as a ‘weekend’ doesn’t it? :D Anyway, have got to start saving up my allocated leave for vacations!

    Soporific – Of course. But it’d be interesting to know why they choose that particular god to represent a certain day, etc. Imagine, such simple (?) decisions like that have set a precedent to the world we have come to know today.

    Strizzt | 04/01/06 08:33 PM

  5. ooo. that’s like.. chaos theory at work! ;)

    nerdook | 04/01/06 10:45 PM

  6. I long for long weekends!

    Nikki-ann | 05/01/06 07:06 AM

  7. ok, see woden for the anglo-saxons, was the carrier of the dead, which makes him an anglo-germanic version of the roman god Mercury, for whom, wednesday was also given. now the romans in turn, named their days after the fashion of the greeks, who named the days after the sun, moon and the five known planets. these planets were named after the Gods, ares, hermes, zeus, aphrodite, cronus. for the romans, it was the same, mars, mercury, jove(jupiter), venus and saturn.
    so, sunday and monday were established as the 1st two days. then tuesday after twia, the anglo-germanic god of war and the sky (parallel to tyr of norse, mars of roman and ares of greek myth, all gods of war)
    then wednesday is, woden, hermes, and mercury, respectively. all linked to the bearing of death, although each also have their own aspects as berserk warrior, messenger, thief etc..
    now, if you’re gonna ask why they named the planets after the gods, there’s a very simple answer for that of course.

    soporific | 05/01/06 09:56 AM

  8. Nerdook – Something like that, but more of uhm… history and stories of times past. ;)

    Nikki-ann – So do I. :D We’d all like a good break every now and then.

    Soporific – Research. :P But hmm, it’s almost like reading about some distant fantasy realm.

    Strizzt | 05/01/06 08:12 PM

  9. yeah, a realm a few thousand years in the past.

    soporific | 07/01/06 12:40 AM

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