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8ball says, no way.

The dog lay in an awkward position, but motionless by the roadside. Its eyes were closed forever.


Seven days. Rain, shine, four rainbows.

Today, it has been reduced to nothing but a pile of grimy fur that is hard to miss. I cannot even make head or tail out of it anymore.

It is like watching a drive-by National Geographic or Animal Planet programme that documents the decomposition of an unfortunate animal. From skin to bones; from dust to nothingness.

Fascinating, in a way. But it reminds me too much of vulnerability, of mortality. These never bring good tidings.

Where did it go?

Where would you go?

Where would I go?


Channel surfing. Press. Click. Pause.

“Remember what you were like when you first walked through my door, jittery as a junebug? And now just look at you. You sure did surprise me, Neo, and you still do.”

Shit. It has been an awfully long time.

A very familiar sight on screen, but one that I have not seen in quite a while. Now, this solves the mystery of what I will be doing this weekend.

No, stop asking me how will I be ushering in the new year. Is it so bad to say that I just want to stay at home?

Green code marathon, baby!

On air now: Swimmers, Broken Social Scene

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  1. ‘Welcome, to the real world.’

    Enjoy the simulation Strizzt.

    Ali | 29/12/05 11:43 PM

  2. Ali – Thanks. Have a good weekend yourself!

    Strizzt | 30/12/05 08:07 PM

  3. No, its not so bad. Happy New Year!

    Mint | 31/12/05 03:36 AM

  4. Have a wonderful 2006! :)

    Nikki-ann | 31/12/05 03:42 AM

  5. You know what.. the year end reviews and celebrations on all tv channels are some of the best show we can have for one whole year.

    It’s a brilliant idea to avoid the crowd and just sit at home during new year eve..

    Happy New Year 2006.

    Jee | 31/12/05 04:18 AM

  6. Mint – Happy new year to you too. :)

    Nikki-ann – Have a good festive season! Hope 2006 will be good to all of us…

    Jee – Yep, I think I’ll be content just being at home and avoiding the mad rush, traffic jams and crowds. Happy new year!

    Strizzt | 31/12/05 10:53 AM

  7. u serious? i just got mine too. dunno when i’ll watch it tho.

    soporific | 01/01/06 06:41 PM

  8. Soporific – I would want to watch all three movies at one go, yes. Then maybe another day for all those extras. Now, to find time is another matter (again)...

    Strizzt | 02/01/06 12:38 AM

  9. jom we have a marathon weekend together!

    soporific | 02/01/06 10:18 AM

  10. Soporific – Another time, perhaps. :D Have you got around to watching yours already?

    Strizzt | 02/01/06 07:35 PM

  11. belum bukak lagi

    soporific | 05/01/06 10:02 AM

  12. Soporific – Wah. Too precious to open ah. :D

    Strizzt | 05/01/06 08:14 PM

  13. no time to open. no one to open with. macam champagne

    soporific | 07/01/06 12:41 AM

  14. Soporific – Aiyah, no hurry.

    Strizzt | 07/01/06 10:58 AM

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