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There. Today, I finally got around to getting a new cellphone, at an exorbitant price no less.

Also, I paid a visit to “the biggest bookstore in Asia”. Not overly impressed, because I could not find all the books or music CDs that I wanted. Yes, yes: I am hard to please.

A brief encounter I had with a small boy gaily humming the tune made popular by a certain crazy amphibian still send shudders through me.

That aside, I have to admit that the buy-3-books-for-the-price-of-2 bargains are quite decent. So are the 2-music-CDs-for-RM70 promotions.

Unfortunately, I had to walk away empty-handed because I was reluctant to part anymore with my savings. There will be a next time.

Nothing tops Hong Kong’s HMV. That is still the best music/movie store I have ever been to. It has everything, I tell you.



Kings of Convenience in Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival, March 2006.

Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Ian Brown in Bangkok 100 Rock Festival, February 2006.

(I have not been to both countries for almost a decade, now.)

Hey! Why do we always have to head either to north or south for gigs like these?!


On air now: Misunderstood, Wilco

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  1. franz ferdinand? wah! must go! must go! even tho i’ve watched snow patrol b4.

    soporific | 25/12/05 05:00 PM

  2. Strizzt, I’m looking for the Lifehouse’s dvd. Have you seen it anywhere? Because I haven’t.

    Ali | 26/12/05 12:59 PM

  3. Soporific – Gasp. You’re going?

    Ali – Ack, wished I’d have read your comment sooner so that I could check it out for you. Did loads of shopping during the weekend (went to Borders twice!). :D Sorry, no – I’ve seen only the CD so far…

    Strizzt | 26/12/05 06:45 PM

  4. well.. i WANT to go.. and i dont see why not. how expensive could it be?

    soporific | 26/12/05 09:06 PM

  5. Soporific – Go then, and give me a good account of the rock festival, heh. The matter is actually finding the time to go…

    Kings of Convenience’s is on a Thursday! Bah.

    Strizzt | 26/12/05 09:19 PM

  6. take leave lah for goodness sake

    soporific | 29/12/05 06:52 PM

  7. Soporific – See first, see first.

    Strizzt | 29/12/05 08:39 PM

  8. kings of convenience? aren’t they alt-country?

    spoonfork | 04/01/06 06:00 PM

  9. Spoonfork – Not really country; I think they’re more of er… lo-fi, I read from a website. They have some great tunes, however simple they may be. Also one of the reasons why I thought I’ve mellowed in my choice of music. :D

    Strizzt | 04/01/06 08:39 PM

  10. it’s called lo-fi lah, but its a bit of a misnomer because the fidelity is actually very high for music like that. but the thing is, yes, its sparse sort of music, very acoustic, so i guess the proper would be minimalist.
    but then, indie is an improper term for many artistes out there too.

    soporific | 05/01/06 10:08 AM

  11. Soporific – Yeah, I looked through the list of indie bands at Wikipedia and, well… I don’t know.

    Strizzt | 05/01/06 08:16 PM

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