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I want the moon.

I want the moon.

A new year that did not exactly feel like one. It came about as another frustratingly busy day for me as I struggled with my assignments.

These days, they even have orientation days for those who are beginning their very first days at school. A relatively new experience of being stuck in a noisy environment for a good half of the day, but a learning experience nonetheless. Parents waiting anxiously and making small talk at the school canteen during the first few days of school, always on the standby should their children decide to spoil the crisp morning air with their cries; but the parents are there ultimately for one thing: to reward their children with a great bear hug and personally bring them home after having successfully gone through their first day at school.

All that, and I am still regularly afflicted with dreams of attending school and being chased by dubious teachers, missing the school bus, and of loose teeth that I can play about with my tongue, to the extent that I can even feel the horrible taste of blood in my mouth when it finally comes off.

My school days were obviously not fun; some days I wished it could have been better.

In other developments, Ian is becoming more and more adorable by day. I particularly like how his eyes seemed to shine brightly whenever he was given mini roller-coaster-like rides, before squealing into boyish delight. Then there is also the matter of his disheveled spiky hair, which somehow fits his cherubic self so perfectly. Just setting my eyes on him gives my heart a leap or two. Guys’ hair is always my weakness. At the same time, however, I cannot help but berate myself for having… a fear of babies. Most of the time I am afraid that I might accidently drop them to the ground and give them a noticeable bump on the head thanks to Auntie Jelly Fingers.

I was fortunate enough to still be treated to the finale to the Sex and the City over the weekend. After visiting this website, however, I can totally relate to Carrie’s obsession for those shoes. I have always wanted knee high boots, but the hot and humid weather we have here in Malaysia is definitely not conducive enough to allow for those desires of mine. Damn, I would still buy one and well, probably just strut around at home for the sake of owning a pair, anyway.

As always, I wonder where my Big is.

So it has been three years. Starting this year, however, I will not be giving Rantglass makeovers on a monthly basis, as was the norm previously (and which, sadly, has become increasingly… slower during the past few months).

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