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How often can you see a rainbow?

Most people have heard that if the end of the rainbow is found, a pot of gold will await them. Less known, however, is the fact that rainbows are traditional signs of good luck and a promise of better days, stemming from the Biblical story of Noah and the flood. This is especially said to be true if a rainbow is seen where there has been no rain. If you point at a rainbow, you will get a blister on your tongue. (source: The Haunt)

One caught my eye last week, while I was driving home from work. The air was cool and fresh after the rain. Set against the clear blue sky, the rainbow was quite a sight to behold. I thought I was extremely fortunate to be able to see one, simply because they do not come my way easily.

I saw another rainbow immediately the next day too, but it was not as beautiful as the first. Like the earlier one, I could not see the other end to it; still, I harboured thoughts of finding a pot of gold.

Then yesterday, I saw another one. It was fast fading, and did not look impressive at all.

But you know what? Having seen three rainbows within a period of two weeks makes me very uncomfortable now. Contrary to feeling lucky, something tells me that my luck must be running out soon.

Sigh. I hope rainbows do not bring bad omens.

Whether as a bridge to the heavens, a messenger to the gods, divine archer’s bow, or mystic intangible entity, the rainbow persists as a multifaceted lesson. Because while any particular idea (i.e. the rainbow) can be perceived in one way to one person – someone else can picture that idea in a very different way. And while we may not be able to fully explain the workings of the world or the purpose of life – we cannot avoid exposing our deepest hopes and fears in the search for truth. (excerpt from The Rainbow Bridge: Rainbows in Art, Myth, and Science)

(Oh, boy, imagine that: I actually bothered to research on rainbows. Pffft.)

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  1. Pffft indded Strizzt. :D Have a good day.

    Ali | 21/12/05 10:36 PM

  2. Maybe one of yours was the same that Sze saw?


    Tim Frost | 22/12/05 04:14 AM

  3. I haven’t seen any rainbow in KL for years.. too polluted maybe? or am I blind lol?

    Jee | 22/12/05 04:51 AM

  4. But if you hadn’t researched it, we all wouldn’t have known that it was dangerous to point

    Mint | 22/12/05 08:39 AM

  5. Ali – Pfft. Hope you’ll have a good day, too. :)

    Tim – Hmm… not sure. Unlikely, though – I think I saw the rainbow either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

    Jee – Yeah, I don’t see rainbows around here that often, too. :) Only during the recent rainy spell I guess… and being stuck in traffic jams.

    Mint – Heh heh. But that was interesting, wasn’t it? I haven’t heard nor read about that one. There’s also a Thai superstition that says that when you point to a rainbow, your finger will fall off!

    Strizzt | 22/12/05 08:14 PM

  6. that’s rubbish. i pointed at many rainbows in australia and still have all 3 of my fingers.

    soporific | 23/12/05 10:49 AM

  7. Soporific – unless you are a ninja turtle, haha.

    Ali | 23/12/05 06:28 PM

  8. Maybe it happens only in Thailand, haha.

    Strizzt | 23/12/05 09:01 PM

  9. or a simpson.

    soporific | 25/12/05 05:02 PM

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